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Exactly my state of affairs. Since my CRT died, I've done no photography because I only have a 13" regular non-retina MacBook. I'm tempted by this retina iMac, but I don't trust laptop-style components for professional heavy duty use. GPU defects in laptops is well known. I want a Mac Pro. So now that we have the retina iMac, where's the pro display for the pro machine? Is the Mac Pro line going to settle back into development freeze?
Exactly.Look into the founding of the FBI, the CIA, and police forces. When. Why. By who. It's interesting and scary to see how much paranoid insanity was always at the base foundation of what Americans think of as normal government agencies. Paranoia was (and still is) institutional in most of these agencies from day one.
I can't wait to hear what the oppressiveness was. Fair wages, benefits, and conditions for their employees? Product that isn't flawed? Product delivered when it was agreed to be delivered?
That's called a sociopath. "Freedoms" aren't the problems; authority and power are.
With the lack of daisy chaining on many devices, I agree with others about the limit of 2 thunderbolt ports... It is kind of dumb. I face this same problem with some of my FireWire devices: no daisy chain ability, despite that being in the FireWire standard.
$300? Way too expensive. And why does it have audio ports? Every Mac already has built-in audio, and headphone outputs. How much could they have saved by leaving out that useless feature? Or maybe left FireWire in its place, or maybe gave more than three USB sockets... Etc.
How about a more useful feature, like a DARK GUI sculpted mode, to accommodate those of us that hate the bright white, flat, buttonless, bright, thin-fonted, non-differentiated dullness that is the iOS 7 GUI?
Wasn't Windows 8 the beginning of a new generation of Windows? Aside from being schizophrenic and, well, Windows, 8.1 is not much worse than Windows generally is by default. There's nothing "new generation" about it. Tons of arcane cruft is still hanging out in there, and the design of the actual underpinnings is pretty much still the same unintelligent nonsense with a slightly different GUI Velcroed on top. Without gutting the whole thing and killing backwards...
Apparently the law is above the law. It's been this way for a long time but it just keeps getting more blatant. Fear mongering to ensure government agencies can still be enabled to violate privacy they claim to respect "except in cases of national security". BS. They use "national security" as an excuse for everything and that lets them get away with everything. Has anyone noticed the "border crisis" has created a "constitution-free" zone that 60% of Americans now live...
"Reverse" it? Where did he say that?? You don't reverse something that's been going on since humanity industrialized. You stop making it worse and you let the system work itself out. Trying to engineer changes in such a huge and complex system is like trying to fix emotional responses to toxic life experiences with drugs. Oh, but they do that too. I'm not at all surprised by the ignorance in this thread, what with all the capitalist ass-kissing libertarian tech geeks and...
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