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iOS changes too damned quickly and dramatically for developers to keep up. When it's API stuff that doesn't break an app, it's just not in their money-interests to make changes. When it's a change that breaks the app, a lot of apps just seem to disappear from the store, instead of being maintained. iOS apps are like advertising campaigns anymore. Why else are there "millions" of apps? I bet the public number of apps on the App Store conveniently includes the ones abandoned...
So I'm getting the confirmation, from the comments here, that this OS and these stupid push features are a huge waste of resources... Wasn't iOS 9 supposed to be focusing on performance?
I can tell the difference, when there's a side-by-side comparison. The change is utterly insufficient. iOS still looks awful and is still hard to read. iOS 7 jumped the shark big time and Apple is still pretending everything is fine.
Advertising agencies can drown in their own tears. Marketing has gotten to the point where there's no free surface or quiet moment. It's beyond noise. It has become a manifestation of dystopian prediction. Capitalist greed and marketing obsessiveness runs every human environment that exists. Rules mean nothing. There's no sense of restraint shown anywhere in marketing, so I have zero sympathy for these marketer frustrations.
Anyone find any info on the number of levels of pressure that this setup provides? My older Wacom tablet is 255 levels and I find it a bit unnatural, but then I didn't find the 1024 levels on my larger and newer tablet to be vastly superior. I think Wacom has increased it to 2048(??) since.
Sorry, you DO have experience. I retract my statement otherwise. I do NOT retract my statement of efficiency with a reversible stylus. I'm not properly ambidextrous, so using an eraser in my left hand has never been a thing I've felt comfortable doing.
Obviously you're not an artist that uses styli. It's FAR more efficient to flip the stylus than to change the tool settings. Regardless of the GUI, an eraser on the opposite end of the stylus is always the superior solution. There's far less latency in getting done what you want when all you have to do is flip your stylus.
Of course Wacom styli and tablets have tilt sensitivity. Wacom has everything that, and more than, any competitor product has.
You can't touch type on an iPad anyway (unless you buy a physical keyboard).
I've been waiting for this kind of iPad for years and the lack of an eraser on the end irritates me enough to consider waiting for a different stylus that has one. My Wacom intuos and styli are wonderfully natural and it's rather dumb that Apple claims to have developed this for artists, yet didn't put an eraser end on it. Wacom's styli aren't cheap, but they're excellent. I'm not afraid of paying $50 more for full functionality.
New Posts  All Forums: