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Can we all just agree to treat a settlement as an admission of wrongdoing at this point?
I highly doubt those tables are made of wood. They're more likely to be the standard particle board stuff that is coated with some kind of wood-like laminate (which allows every table to look identical everywhere). Real solid wood tables makes zero sense in an environment that will quickly see wear and tear from constant abuse (and is way more costly).
It looks like "the future". A Jony Ive future. It's actually quite neat. I like it. There's so little architecture being done these days, so it's up to filthy rich corporations to do it for show, because nobody else sees "value" in architecture these days (just dull gray boxes with 90° angles, made of cement and/or covered with some cheap siding). How long will it take before everyone obsessed with fads decides it looks dated, stale, and "stuck in the past"? (I'm pointing...
I don't call this "massive". It's incremental. If they finished ALL the GUI updates, that would be massive, but still late (version X should've had all GUIs updated). Where's the redmatica and camel audio stuff?
PS: no car should be iOS-friendly. It's a touch-based interface [without tactile sensation]. Apple's success has cause all kinds of irrational copycat marketing and has gotten everyone to put touch screens everywhere, including where they do not belong. I have no desire to see touch screens in cars, Apple or otherwise. Yet here they are. Some regulatory body needs to correct this path ASAP. NOT by adding backup beepers to it.
Don't worry, it'll be another middle aged white man (or maybe even woman!), with plenty of wealth.
Yes, in agreement with those saying it has to do with affluence, and that education and affluence go together (because of affluence providing opportunity); not intelligence and iPhones. I'm a bit of a fringe case in this, as I am dirt poor in poverty but keep a house and a few nice things that I acquired while I had some money (never affluence). The car is about to be dragged away as outside my ability to maintain, and my iPhone is an old model (iPhone 4). But I do...
At what point has the USA NOT been at war in the last thirty years?? Proclaiming special war powers leads to needing constant war, and sure enough, that's what we have.You are exactly what the fear mongers dream of. You blindly abandon due process and justify it with "war time". You justify and blindly follow the very same things that are killing your so-called freedom.The patriot act is unconstitutional garbage to justify government overreach and enable new forms of...
Charging so much is how they craft the image of the perceived benefits of their so called labor. Perception is managed by cost in many markets but you don't always get better value for more expense. Especially now that quality is an undesirable thing to capitalists, standing in the way of maximizing their profits. Most of the legal work is probably done by the law office paralegals (who don't get paid crap) and the plaintiffs (who have to provide all the source documents...
Eight cores?? Also, what's a "hall effect sensor", what's an "RGB sensor", and why is that listed twice at different places in the same sentence?
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