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My companion just bought a new laptop (Toshiba). The trackpad is an improvement over the crap on her prior one (Dell Vostro), but it's really pretty bad too. The gestures suck (try changing between scrolling and pointing by lifting only one finger). Its optical drive tray is plastic and flimsy (picking up the machine makes the drive door flex and snap against the rest of the body, which is also plastic). There are four USB ports but the thing is so flimsy that more ports...
Redmatica was integrated into MainStage. http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2015/02/02/redmatica-autosampler-returns-as-part-of-apples-30-mainstage/
Because everyone wants a $500+ car key.
I'm still stunned by the junk pre-installed on PC laptops. I just set up a Toshiba for a friend. The Toshiba apps themselves were variously useless and extremely inefficient. It was like they had drafted a specification that said "design system tools to run in as many processes and with as many executables as possible". Anyway, PC sales are used as software/service advertising. That's problem number one for junkware.
So when are they going to go back to leaded solder? How many generations of MacBook have this problem now, total?? Mine was a 3,1. There have been endless models since then with these problems. It's kind of obvious now that the MacBooks have too many temperature extremes for the unleaded solder. The end result is more waste. Solder can still use lead when the application requires it, and this is clearly a case of requiring it.
Sapphire in iPhones... Meh. Phone or it didn't happen. Fooled me once shame on you. Fooled me twice, shame on me. Etc.
The person you quoted wasn't talking about clicking on links. There's an App Store redirect that happens without any user intervention at all. It's freaking annoying and I thought Apple was supposed to have fixed it in iOS 7!!!
I don't normally find any agreement with Tallest Skill, but I absolutely agree with the above (on page 1). Well said.
Can we all just agree to treat a settlement as an admission of wrongdoing at this point?
I highly doubt those tables are made of wood. They're more likely to be the standard particle board stuff that is coated with some kind of wood-like laminate (which allows every table to look identical everywhere). Real solid wood tables makes zero sense in an environment that will quickly see wear and tear from constant abuse (and is way more costly).
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