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The convenience is nice, but I would never consider a cloud service to be a data backup. Maybe an optional possibility of rescuing something quickly and conveniently, but never a definite. It's third party. It's not guaranteed. It might not be there. It might be corrupt itself (corrupted on their end or on mine; backing up bad data is still bad data). They likely have superior resources internally, but not superior CARE for my content. I have zero faith in a company's...
Ok to all that, but when can I go test one at my local Apple store?
Exactly my position on this thing. It was indeed opportunistic. If it loses money, great.And how does it cost THAT much to make THIS? Is there a huge special effects action sequence I'm unaware of??
I love how people compare this to the airport security stuff... which has itself been a huge fail for "freedom" in the USA. The way you kill freedom is by getting people to agree to lose it, one step at a time, and not telling people when and what they've already lost while they weren't obsessively paying attention to court cases, laws, acts, etc, because they were too busy trying to live their crappy wage slave existence, struggle to get their insurance companies to do...
Why so much hostility to workers here? The whole "don't bring a bag" blow-off is yet another example of the utter lack of realism and empathy for others shown by corporations and apparently federal judges (who are probably not being searched, and are paid well, as opposed to the employees whose case they tossed out). "Doesn't impact me, so I've no problem with it". Fail. People aren't uniform or machines. People carry belongings for various legitimate reasons. The bag...
And the hostile misogyny of "men's rights activists" comments will fill in from there...
Once again the force quit terminology... Why not presume standard quit instead, since that's the least destructive and most common user accessible function? An actual "Force quit", as in process termination, bypasses quit procedures and can result in lost data. Manually quitting apps in iOS doesn't seem to lose data like a crashed app.
It shouldn't be about android specifically. It should be about older generation phones. Slower connection is a good target, but using current gen devices is foolish. Facebook is one of the most abysmally slow experiences on the web (along with several web-based "magazines" and "tech blogs") due to slow javascript etc. Try living with an iPhone 4 for a few months.
It seriously degrades my ability to suspend disbelief and focus on the story when the production team showcases such ignorance of reality. Especially if I'm not watching scifi, which I expect to have ludicrous techno garbage portrayed. I don't like fantasy unless I'm specifically prepared for it. Flashy graphics and fictional technology (especially holographic nonsense) feels like I'm being forced to watch advertising or techno porn.
Ah yes... Techno-fantasy.
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