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Police state dislikes civilian privacy. What else is new?
Spot on. Perfect succinct response to blind worship of capitalism. I won't be so succinct:Monopolies are not just recently destroying the nation. They've crippled the very growth and development of the nation. For example: The USA has garbage for mass transit because of the automotive industry monopolies. They were found guilty of killing rail services and were fined ... about $10,000 or something ludicrously microscopic. Instead of a well developed rail infrastructure,...
This isn't about smart phones. It's about how stupid humans can be over any topic at all. Also, this isn't how friends behave, drunk or not.
What's uncertain about it? He is filthy rich. With money comes the ability to sponsor projects and get producer credits. No brainer.
Why not commit to using 100% post-consumer fibers? Because Apple wants pretty and perfect material appearances. Or rather, prince Ive demands it. "Post-consumer material only" would be a bigger move, IMO. It would show that resource conservation is more important than luxurious packaging. Packaging is such a waste of materials in the first place. It's used once, in most cases. Few people hold on to packaging for future shipping (I do, and I have entire closets and...
This is starting to feel like Windows... I moved to Mac OS to *escape* crap like this. Apple better focus the next version on stability, speed, and efficiency ... you know, like the OS version a lot of us audio and graphics people are still hanging onto because it performs with superiority to the newer versions (I'm talking about Snow Leopard). There's way too much crap going on under the hood now. That's very Windows-like.
Because plutocratic oligarchy.
Performance benefits?? Snow Leopard boots, shuts down, and operates faster on my MacBook Pro 5,5 from an external USB hard drive than 10.9.x does from the internal drive on the same machine (even with 8GB of RAM). Has the performance of OS X improved over 10.9?? From what I've heard here on this forum, OS X continues to get slower and more bloated and Yosemite is slower than all prior versions. Free isn't meaningful when your computer downgrades in performance. I love the...
Black keys (for the back lighting and reduced appearance of dirt) and normal enter key in the USA edition please...
And this article validates the search for attention.
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