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"Reverse" it? Where did he say that?? You don't reverse something that's been going on since humanity industrialized. You stop making it worse and you let the system work itself out. Trying to engineer changes in such a huge and complex system is like trying to fix emotional responses to toxic life experiences with drugs. Oh, but they do that too. I'm not at all surprised by the ignorance in this thread, what with all the capitalist ass-kissing libertarian tech geeks and...
Holy crap, the first gen isn't even available for presale yet. FFS give it a rest on the useless predictions. And no, I'm not buying one, ever, so it doesn't even matter to me. I'll be amazingly lucky if I end up with a new iPhone to replace my iPhone 4, within the next two years. I've not worn watches or any other decor of any kind since early high school, and I've no interest in wearable tech.
Irregardless isn't a word. Why does autocorrect even help people type it? It's even in the iOS dictionary. But autocorrect fights every form of the word "abuse", which IS a word. Security features are worthless if you can still access your own data. If you can do it, someone else can. The best thing we can do is take steps to make it harder for the unauthorized access of your stuff, which makes it harder for us to access it too. Got a two step log in with 30 character...
Laptop GPU defects... This has to stop. I'm disinclined to buy another MacBook because my 3,1 MacBook Pro died from a nvidia failure and these keep showing up in the news. Makes me wonder what the lifespan of the new Mac Pro is. Four years isn't acceptable for any computer.
So it's ugly and harder to read like the rest of Apple's "new" design changes... Yay.
It's been relatively easy to boycott Microsoft in my personal life, but clearly not in my professional life. Samsung, on the other hand...they've got their hands in just about every market possible and their stuff is decent quality, though probably exactly because they copy the hell out of everyone else. Looking for a new tv? Dominated by Samsung. Looking for a new range/oven for your kitchen? Unless you pay above medium price ranges, also lots of Samsung. How about air...
Twice the RAM compared to before... I guess they're expecting the next OSX to be a real pig.
Big deal. I already don't use the app. It's a piece of crash prone garbage. I just use the mobile website. Which is a slow piece of garbage.
The calculator GUI has zero distinctiveness between numerical buttons and everything else. The plain flat perfect squares without spaces between them make each button blend in to the whole thing to an undesirable level. It all just looks the same. The expended view is even worse. It's just awful. Worst calculator app GUI I've seen in a long time. It looks like the early 80s with sharper lines.
Flash is only good for this: http://www.fat-pie.com/ And this: http://homestarrunner.com/
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