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Another example of citizenry that has failed to recognize the difference between patriotism and blind nationalism, between fact and propaganda, who has missed the boat on learning human empathy and compassion, while buying in to all the right-wing propaganda that blames non-Americans for American-made troubles. What a sad state of a nation you represent. If only you were a minority. Or maybe you are a minority, just a very vocal and bitter one: the retrograde...
But it's the Mexicans that these conservative xenophobes have been programmed to hate.This is yet another distraction topic that helps keep people from paying attention to bigger issues. Worse: it's scapegoating of other nationalities for problems created internally by corporate rule.So it's interesting to see the widow of a corporate head promoting immigration-positive reform. The question is, if American corporations don't want to pay acceptable wages for skilled workers...
These page curl ads have to freakin' stop.
Which ones? The BeOS properties might be of interest...
Some of you people are really obnoxious. If you look at the image offered up from issue 4, there is male genitalia visible in the issue accepted for publishing. It's pretty clear that it's a "normative" issue. Calling out "gay" this and "gay" that as if you're insulting people using the word, and whining about "whining liberals" makes you look like a 12-year-old bigot. Grow the hell up. Apple has been inconsistent. They can fix this one of two ways. It would reflect...
On Windows Vista, I often find FireWire doesn't function as PnP, randomly, and then sometimes it does. Sometimes adding or removing a device crashes the whole bus. Not so on my MacBooks. It's Microsoft's problem.(While I'm on about FireWire on Windows, why has Microsoft not updated their FireWire drivers in three major versions of Windows???)
More than usual?? I rarely see the typos fixed days later, let alone at publishing. The errors in articles at this site are numerous and frequent, and are almost always for a lack of care, not just info being misunderstood.
What bothers me about the naming convention is... Well nothing. I'm much more annoyed by the new mobile ads on this website that cause you to unintentionally trigger them while scrolling the damn page. (The page curl/overleaf ads)
I "love" how a new technology is so "it only barely works at all" for so many decades that it's in many ways greatly inferior to the "old" technology it sought to replace (a copper landline is my preferred voice communication, if "in person" is impossible; where's all that fiber optic crap we were promised for the future, decades ago?).
No, not really. Plus, it's bloat just to make such a feature. It serves no purpose but for geeks that like to customize to ridiculous levels. All such experiences I've had with other product, such skinning leads to slow GUI responsiveness, poor functionality, bloated memory and storage requirements and tons of needless complexity for bugs to appear.
New Posts  All Forums: