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Will come be... Uh huh. Proof reading your edits helps.
So begins the classic Microsoft "throw money at the problem till it's resolved by brute force market management" technique.
I guess I'm the only reader here that thinks the stock market is a bunch of unstable opinion BS that shouldn't even exist in an economy that wants to be healthy. But then again, the wealthy bastards in power don't want it to be healthy because they're making more money than ever before, despite economic crashes.
i'm waiting to hear how slow it makes people's iPhone 4 model...
How does it play PS1 games? There's no disc reader.
Oh boy. Another Adobe "makes everything easier" add-on tool that's made from a scripting language, and is a feature that should be inside Photoshop or Dreamweaver. It won't entice me to rent software. How about putting WYSIWYG editing back into Dreamweaver for those of us that got into Dreamweaver in the first place because we don't like scripting, formatting languages or code. That was a nice "feature" Adobe trashed when Dreamweavee became a big-ass CSS attribute editor...
People are really impressively idiotic. I'm unemployed and I still have better things to do with my life. In shelter. Hygienically. Healthfully.
HOLY OMFG & STUFF!! A silver outline!!!!
As for Adobe being "forced to charge more to maintain their huge corporation", that's a self-inflicted injury. They've made a monstrous complex and interwoven monolith out of their product lineup. Mostly just to try to get customers of one product to feel compelled to buy the others. All the added bits and pieces most people don't use... It's really a bloated pile these days. Even photoshop performs badly, and that used to be an untouchable beauty of stability and...
Yeah, still a big fat NO, Adobe. I'm living on disability income at the moment. There's no way I'm starting up a photography/art selling business with monthly expenses to rent the effing software tools. This model is exploitative. Period. They can expect the hobbiest and small business users to pirate more than ever before with this crack pipe plan. As if activation and deactivation wasn't already a pain in the ass and a waste of computer resources. Same thing goes for...
New Posts  All Forums: