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Welcome to the USA. We blame all of our social problems on anything but the core traits of our society.
It's been freed... How strangely anthropomorphic.
If you could care less, then at least you care some.
What I want to know is why it even had to be made a news item that this person was "formerly Chris." That's a female name, too, so all that's been done is gossip without meaning. And now dudes are remarking about her in ways that have nothing to do with her skills. I know people are curious, but maybe she prefers to be private about it.
How about proper password protection in Numbers documents on ios????
That's because it's never been a "maximize" button. It's always been a "fit to content" button.
Thanks for that note. I rely on playlists because even commercial digital music downloads are too inconsistent with their tags for album/artist/etc to actually work as intended. Get one character different and suddenly it's a different artist/etc. That goes to show that there needs to be actual intelligence behind any cataloging system because mindless character comparison fails.
Or be happy and content with his ability to retire young and live more than comfortably wealthy till he dies. But that kind people are rarely capable of being satiated. That's what helps them climb. Sadly, it also brings them down when they're unwilling to cooperate with those around them they see as stepping stones.
Exactly right. I don't know and more about Jobs being a sociopath or a narcissist than Forstall, but there are lots of indicators in both cases, more with Jobs. Maybe he found his way with family near the end, but his reputation is well known in the business world. He's not a god or even particularly genius. He was very controlling and the computer industry is anything but controlled and guided. So maybe that worked. His ideas and ideologies for technology weren't geek...
You cabbitYou cannot control narcissists or sociopaths. They may be suppressed under "superior sociopaths" but that's about the best of it.Edit: thanks for inserting your code in the middle of my typing. I wasn't calling anyone a cabbit, whatever that is.
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