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"...the new iOS 7 appears to ready to bundle useful app functionality..."
Wow, that was stupid. iphone doesn't produce printable photos even at newspaper resolution. Let's get rid of all specialists, corporate murrika. Are they going to fire the website managers and make the reporters do the site management next (or the reverse)? Maybe fire everyone and make the corporate executives do the website, newspaper, photography, and reporting.
All this money on lobbying... I wonder how much waste would be eliminated by taking money out of politics. It might save the economy all on its own.
In app purchases? Forget it. And... Gangstar... Uh huh, but sex apps are "bad."
Exactly how I feel. The sexual repression and prudishness is downright offensive. Especially in comparison to what's "acceptable" by the same regulations.Sex is not dirty. Sex is not shameful. Sex is not a sin.Unless you make it that way.Yes, "even" outside marriage.
This is how i used to do it too. I preferred this. It was the only place where I used and liked cover flow. I wish they'd put this back. I care about seeing the art clearly with the song list. An album at a time in the main view. Not a cluttered pile of albums. I don't use the tag system to organize because it fails and you never know what tags are inconsistent (in database terms). I use manually created playlists and playlist folders because it's the only way to have real...
"...the first Mac to built completely..." First damn sentence has a stupid typo. Why won't you proofread??
Documents could have actual password protection. On iOS devices especially.
Translucent images?
  That's capitalism. Once you saturate a market, you are expected to saturate all other markets or fail as a company (if you're public). Capitalism isn't sustainable because perpetual growth is not possible in any market for any product. Nothing is perpetual except change.
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