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This misses the point. It was fine in the previous version of the OS. Making people have to change settings when they are not vision impaired enough to need such things in the prior version just means that first impressions to these devices in stores is that much more likely to be bad.
How is having your night vision ruined by your phone a safety feature??
Hah, homebrew newspaper uses classic Apple logo. This is probably also a "scare the criminals" tactic. I'm sure when any new hot item comes along that becomes a major theft victim, they get really sick of it really quickly. "Not ANOTHER stolen iPhone/smashed-up Apple Store/hijacked truck of iPhones!!!!"
While I agree, Apple's announcement of the new Mac Pro prior to its actual availability is a similar attempt to announce early while there's even a chance of holding on to the pro market. Releasing the unimpressive Logic X is another example. Frustrating, since I hope to end up with a Mac Pro and Logic, but I am not seeing the commitment from Apple. Unless that's what they hope to show by early announcements and an incomplete upgrade of Logic. :-/
None of these are reasons to stand in line for days in advance. Sorry. Maybe i'm just a bit more sane. i love(d) the iPhone (until iOS 7), but i'd never have stood in line. For days. It's just a bit too crazy to me. i don't understand why that's not the number one answer here.
Well, yeah, why is this a surprise? It tells you there's a free update and asks you if you want to install it. It would be on my phone too, except i touched "NO" and ignored it.
So this ugly design will stay because there are young people tweeting about loving it. There's one thing about the young not mentioned: they love change for the sake of change and are the first to complain about things getting boring. It bothered me about my peers then and it bothers me now. Wait. Oh. They're all still like that in our 30s. Okay. Scratch that. People just like change for the sake of change. I guess we'll have to wait for iOS 8 for Apple to have had a long...
 You must have an older device. iPhone 4 will not get the translucency features because of speed issues.
It's a wretchedly slow app, and prone to crashes. It also has idiotic text edit views (full width isn't available to the actual text, frames close the editing function, etc). Like OKCupid, these guys are totally not using the iPhone API, just so they can make cross-platform apps. The result is a GUI that is not only inconsistent with the OS, but also badly designed in general.
And the images aren't loading.
New Posts  All Forums: