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"...by simply entering entering a..." Typos in stories here are not a surprise.
My story is very similar. But it was Windows and PCs that drove me to try Macs. I got in when OS X had just come out. It was aweful and insulted what the classic os had been. But that changed a couple years later, when I was saying goodbye permanently to BeOS and the Haiku community. I got a MacBook Pro and felt much more comfortable. Far fewer annoyances. Then an iPhone. iPhone sort of saves me on a regular basis. Funny thing is, the maps app was a last second addition to...
Disappointed?? WHO CARES! "Oh my goodness, we can't take advantage of any new Apple publicity to buy and sell stocks! Boo hoo!!" say the stock trading whiners. Wall Street destroyed the economy. Tough crap for their "disappointment". Half of them should be in prison right now. I hope Apple buys all its stock back and goes private some day. Public ownership sucks for everyone involved except the "preferred shareholders." Public ownership has nothing to do with "investing"...
Exactly. It's all perception. Public ownership is the playground of people that have no function in society but have managed to entrench themselves into a position of power and influence by being big mouthed opinion spouts. Impressions, opinions and claims are constantly swinging the stock voodoo up and down and none of it has anything to do with the actual performance of the company in question. It's a distortion for the interests of the analysts. Like news companies...
Life and liberty are optional accessories only made available to those few who've lucked out with some kind of job that provides more than subsistence level income.
No, it doesn't work that way. Companies never give the class members much of anything. All the people in the class, for starters, and the lawyers. The settlement is a paid get out of jail card. The class members get a token and the lawyers get a huge payout. The original people that acquired the lawyers and started the case might get more than the rest, but the millions go to the lawyers. It's like a bribe and a token.
A year to forget because they ONLY continued to make incredible amounts of money. Perpetual increase in share price is a foolish goal and that's all people seem to care about when they're in "the market." Bunch of self-fulfilling prophecy crap. It's all about impressions and rumors. All nonsense. What a great model for an economic system.
You REALLY need to learn to distinguish between a people and their government. Comments like yours sound racist. Is that your intention?
My only problem with Apple's maps app is that it doesn't check LOCALLY first when I enter an incomplete address. It has no problem checking locally first for other entered items, but for addresses, it's like all of a sudden it wants me to be in California or the Midwest. WTF?? Why not assume I want the LOCAL version of 1234 Address ST, in my own frickin' state???
Microsoft me too. Will it be latched down with iron bars or motion sensor at Staples?
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