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The unregulated monopolizing continues to grow in monolithic...ness.
I already wear glasses (when my contacts aren't in, which is more often than I'd like since I'm getting eyes of a late 30s-year-old now). I hate wearing glasses. They cause migraines and general discomfort. They obstruct life and they damage hand-eye coordination, and yet they're a necessity (can't afford eye surgery). Why would I add to that with this dumb Google gadget? Has anyone who requires contacts or real glasses tested these things on their defective and modified...
Still not interested. Also, their name text design reads to me as "GL ASS."
"...the company ward ordered to pay $6.5 million..." Ward??
Anyone who does considerable text editing in iOS, especially on iPhone, will know that the more gestures you add to a GUI, the more clumsy text editing becomes. Especially when you're trying to use double-tap to select. Text highlighting that scrolls the content view is extremely clumsy as is. Any fixes for that in iOS 7?? And why doesn't this text box in the mobile version of this web site have rubber banding and acceleration in the scrolling on an iPhone? It makes the...
I have exactly the same feeling about this situation. iOS 6 slowed my iPhone 4 to the point where it doesn't feel like the advanced technology it originally felt like. The free os upgrades are a way Apple gets us to obsolete our devices. Each succeeding version is slower and requires more memory and CPU and this next version has not mentioned "more efficient and faster" as a notable feature. In fact, they've added more useless effects. I don't see that as an upgrade....
No, that would be predictable. What would be truly bold is if Microsoft abandoned the disaster of monolithic failure that is the Windows Registry. Worst design decision they ever made.
I made a similar "Jeeze that guy looks like a troll" comment when I saw that image.I should feel bad for being all judgmental about the man's appearance, but I really don't. He really looks the part of Microsoft.
Did anyone ever explain why the Apple ZFS plan was abandoned?
Seriously? What is outrageous money to you? Those people make outrageous amounts of money as far as I'm concerned. They're also already very wealthy to begin with, and sitting in positions of power allows them to compound that wealth while doing pretty much nothing but politicking and generally telling a company what they think it should do in order to improve share value, regardless of their actual comprehension of the company's products, customers, or market. It's a rich...
New Posts  All Forums: