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I hope removing bitmaps for all that skeuomorphic crap will reduce memory use and CPU waste. I hope they decide to work on efficiency on existing hardware. As is, ios updates being free has been cool but really just a way to encourage people to buy new devices, as each successive ios version is slower and more bloated and make existing devices feel like crap, instead of the fantastic user experience they provided previously.
  You can still read it very openly. Yes, the implication is a Mac Pro, but why assume this is a definite statement?
  No, actually they did not. They stated that they have something for pro users coming later in 2013. That's all. The context was the Mac Pro, but Cook said nothing specific, so it could mean anything.
Too bad Apple Insider won't proofread..."...netted more five times as many..."First paragraph.It's getting to where I don't even feel like finishing reading articles here, after these typos, because the language use leaves me wondering if the articles have any actual meaning or are just filling space. It's like they don't care at all.
Why are the article apostrophes showing as question marks?
Because users love when things change on them without notice.And when it turns out that they ARE susceptible to malicious acts, EVERY user will suffer, all at the same time.I'm not feeling the impetus to drive any of my material to the cloud. The storage isn't guaranteed, so you still have to do backups, and backups are harder because these companies want your content stuck in their proprietary system (MS Office all over again, but actually worse and more domineering). The...
There is a ton of flawgic in the computer industry itself. How about going after that root problem, instead of limiting the satire to merely Samsung and Google?
"... rake in in..." It's your headline, FFS. Proofread!
Take your pro-capitalism memes elsewhere. There is no free market.Why do you think people work there? Because they want to? Because they believe in Walmart? Hell no. They work there in desperation for employment.Capitalism has never been, and never will be, self-regulating. All you need do is look at a small sampling of interventions against pollution and labor abuses to grasp the actual facts. Freedom only exists in how free industry and capitalism is in abusing the...
And that's the special pleading meme that the industry uses to get away with zero accountability in software. Stop furthering it because it's not true.It's actually not so hard, if you engineer the software with modularity AND accountability in mind, from the ground up, testing the hell out of its most basic functionality, getting it solid before adding on top, and making sure the addition of features cannot cause unwanted side effects by way of securing layers from each...
New Posts  All Forums: