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"... rake in in..." It's your headline, FFS. Proofread!
Take your pro-capitalism memes elsewhere. There is no free market.Why do you think people work there? Because they want to? Because they believe in Walmart? Hell no. They work there in desperation for employment.Capitalism has never been, and never will be, self-regulating. All you need do is look at a small sampling of interventions against pollution and labor abuses to grasp the actual facts. Freedom only exists in how free industry and capitalism is in abusing the...
And that's the special pleading meme that the industry uses to get away with zero accountability in software. Stop furthering it because it's not true.It's actually not so hard, if you engineer the software with modularity AND accountability in mind, from the ground up, testing the hell out of its most basic functionality, getting it solid before adding on top, and making sure the addition of features cannot cause unwanted side effects by way of securing layers from each...
I use it for a few giggles when an unintended click-hold happens to bring it up, reminding me that it exists. I quickly lose interest because its recognition is poor and there's little I can get from it. I'm kinda bugged that Apple didn't enable it on iPhone 4.
iPhone 4S, but not iPhone 4??
Paying for betas, yay!
I'm sick of the "predictive" search on their website. Stop interpreting my wants, because you're wrong!
Har har. There's a vast difference between your humorous example and "modern." Obviously you know that, but you'd still rather be needlessly argumentative. Or you're of the mindset to describe any computer not on the bleeding edge as "not modern." That's not how it works. Maybe you ride that edge constantly. Most computer users don't. Maybe you're a computer geek obsessed with technology. Most users aren't (any more). I used to be a computer geek, and now I've matured into...
I'm with you on the anti computer geek rant, but Apple's stuff doesn't just work all the time.It took till the third update of Mountain Lion (3rd bug fix patch) to make the Notes application actually function at all with IMAP servers using mailbox prefixes. Till the latest update a week ago, this was a broken feature for many users. Also, iMessage has a clunky habit of not working as advertised if you turn it off and on on the Mac side (until you delete all existing...
2000 years before Dropbox, huh? Hah hah...Nonsense. Only Macs on OS X 10.8.x or higher have full iCloud functionality. Macs on OS X 10.7 have partial functionality. Macs on 10.6.x have zero iCloud functionality. The same goes for iOS: any device running iOS 5 and earlier has no iCloud functionality.Not ALL Macs and iPhones can even be upgraded to iCloud functionality.
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