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I'm sure the man will survive. He will sit pretty for the rest of his life and want for nothing that money can buy.
Optimized code, reduced memory consumption, and reduced number of concurrently running processes would also help battery time.
Don't worry. Microsoft will just lobby the FAA to authorize the Surface 2, regardless of actual performance. This is all Microsoft really does. Their products would be nowhere without their politicking.
Yeah, because Microsoft's own FireWire driver is so obscure. I guess, to them, it is: They didn't bother updating it for several OS releases.
Looking down at a display, with your head tilted downward for hours, is also not very ergonomically sound. Hell, sitting for hours at a time each day isn't healthy.
Why are the article's apostrophes coming up as question marks?
PS: these are manual carriers, not integrated systems. No matter what device they use, there's no crashing caused by them (unless they get into a serious issue requiring manuals to be relied upon in a critical moment).
They tried iPads and are now standardizing on an unreleased Surface 2? That's either a massive condemnation of iPad, or a really obvious indicator of a Microsoft deal that sounds like their computer vendor deals of the 90s.
What an idiotic statement. My iPhone and its cable are BABIED. Yet the cable actually self-destructed near the phone end. It happened so quickly that it was fine when I set the phone to charge at night before bed and was rotting (sticky) and shielding exposed when I went to pick it up in the morning when I woke. No BS. I have never in my life seen anything like it and I have had tech gear since I was 12.The only other bizarre cable situation I've seen is with the sticky...
This misses the point. It was fine in the previous version of the OS. Making people have to change settings when they are not vision impaired enough to need such things in the prior version just means that first impressions to these devices in stores is that much more likely to be bad.
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