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American rank capitalism is beyond unethical. It's grossly disgusting and highly offensive to anyone with any sense of ethics, justice, and rationality. I hope these "bonuses" are denied with extreme amounts of prejudice against the executives requesting them.
Of course this has merit. That's why lawyers took the case. It's an easy payout in a settlement. Lawyers will make their many many bucks, the plaintiffs will get a few bucks back for the cost of their devices, other iOS 8 users may get a $5 Apple gift card, and those of us sitting on iOS 6 devices with 4 gigabytes of space stolen by unwanted iOS 7 upgrade installers will get nothing (whatever became of that lawsuit anyway?). Business as usual.
Aggregating all these patents and doing nothing with them helps society how?
Now buy back the rest and go back to being privately owned and off the stupid stock market.
So what? PC laptops have had finger print sensors for ages. It was a fad that died off (because it wasn't done well before). Now it's resurrected again to compete with Apple (now that they have Apple's product as a popular successful model upon which to base their new attempts, they can try again and call it "innovation").
Unless educational software updates run differently from end user software, and unless they are maintained long term (I have endless examples of abandonware on my iPhone), this point is a good one. The lifespan is seriously hampered by OS upgrades. iOS 7 and 8 are perfect, relevant, recent examples. Even three years is bad. The investment is typically in computers that last five years, and everything else (non tech) that lasts way longer.
I feel like they should have used the donation on something else. As is, it basically turns the donation into an Apple product entrenchment program. I wonder if the money was always going to the school this way (ie: donating x amount of dollars IN PRODUCT). I'm all for iPad over the other guys' me-too devices, but this isn't a financial donation at this point. Surely there are good teachers or educational programs that could be taken on board to improve the curriculum,...
Well, I'm extra glad I don't care about Twitter...
There's no mystery here. The huge glut of sales only lasts as long as it takes for everyone that wants one, and can afford one, to discover they want one and then buy one. No market grows perpetually. Any capitalist that behaves with such a belief (that increases can be perpetual) is a fool. Of course, that's most of Wall Street. Don't worry, we poor pee pull are still working up to it. I'm slated to buy mine this week finally (after iOS 7 put me off last year). In the...
Cool. If I could afford it, this gadget would tell me all the places I'm losing heat in my crappy house I wish I could sell.
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