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If your eyes have to move such that your peripheral vision leaves the roadway, that's a distraction. Of course, police can't tell where someone's eyes are unless they're leaving their lane in distraction. So the laws should be carefully written to specify devices by USE, not by what features they may or may not have. Touch screens are utter bollocks for car environments. Screens set low on dashboards are similarly foolish. Watches are fine to glance at while driving...
How are they rivals if known for different things? And when will rivals be blocked from wholly buying each other? Consolidation of market participants is always a bad thing for everyone but the buyer's share prices.
Wait, so how does the new MacBook support 5K if displayport/thunderbolt doesn't currently support it?
Why exactly is this even possible?
He needs to be removed from UI design. And yes, it's clear that he sucks at it. He put print marketing people on the job, taking it from Apple's UI team. Ludicrous. If you like change for the sake of change, and you're not a usability of UI specialist, of course you like all this flat nonsense and think it's just fine (especially if you didn't need to learn iOS or touch-based mobile interfaces for the first time on iOS 7 or 8). Consumers aren't human interface experts....
Sounds like a bad deal for consumers. All these corporate buyouts of default monopolies by other default monopolies...
Same problem here. iPhone 4. iOS 6.x.
I want this to be true very much and very soon.
Yay, more corporate takeovers and mergers. We are still on schedule to have an entire three companies running the entire world by 2026.
1. You can only sell so much of one thing before you saturate your market. This is why so many manufacturers now include obsolescence in their designs. 2. I wonder how many potential sales were lost by people who tested an iPad with iOS 7 and found it to be anything but beautiful and reliable. This is why I don't have an iPad yet. I had money set aside. I walked into an Apple Store with intent to purchase. I used an iPad Air for 45 minutes. I loved the hardware and hated...
New Posts  All Forums: