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The media just feeds the institutional problems created by the Prussian-industrial "education" system in the USA. BobJohnson is right that people don't do any critical thinking and we can thank the indoctrination and obedience training of our public school system. But the media contributes to it. It sells down to the lowest common denominator and does not attempt to do anything but sell crap and reinforce the indoctrination and ignorance. Sports is part of that, begun...
I can hear the third party developers grinding their teeth from way over here...
Waiting to buy till i see the new Apple display. By the time they come out with a retina-ish desktop display for it (at not an insane price like the Sharp 4K display), I'll want to wait for new Mac Pro revision 2.
I have many paper clips that show no sign of corrosion after many years. Like, every one I've ever handled.
Same old shit by wealthy and privileged corporate America. Does Dre realize he is a product name and nothing more to these people? Then we have the opportunistic lawsuits that show up when a brand suddenly looks to be making disgusting amounts of money (or be bought out for same). I wonder what Trent Reznor's thinking about all this BS. I wonder if he even knew about this crap waiting to bubble to the surface when he was installed as the "chief creative officer"...
Yes, I did see it coming... Of course Google will install ads on every screen they operate. That's what Google is FOR! Just like Facebook, people think Google is for users. It's not. Users are Google's PRODUCT.
Another perfect example of going too far with unnecessary features. Of course it will be used to collect marketing data. That ALL Facebook is FOR!
Samsung is like a technically skilled and socially defective autistic man. The ability to communicate is there, but something just doesn't connect. But then businesses tend to be socially defective on the average... though some have much better self awareness and less brazen willingness to copy, cheat, and lie to the public while knowing everyone sees through it. Actually, my analogy to autism does autistics a disservice. What's really happening is that Samsung is bold...
Not at all surprised. We didn't evolve with this crap on our faces. Glasses give me eye and head pain on a regular basis.
Yay? I hate the iOS 7 look. It's technically an inferior design. Lots of people agree (and are immediately assaulted by fanboys, and those who love functionless change, upon speaking up).
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