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The sole reason this guy needs to be dumped is the money he expects to be paid for what amounts to being a middle-micro-manager. There should be cuts across the board for all upper level executives, too...
I couldn't care less. Really could not. At all. Wall Street, and these analysts, are so self-important. I would love to see public ownership go extinct. That would save products, employees, and even entire companies, from the greed of market playpen bullies, know-nothing traders, and vulture capitalists. It's a broken system that once provided function but is now just an exploitation and manipulation feature in a market that had totally escaped its own regulation.
So what? This isn't Samsung Insider nor Michael Bay Insider... Baysplosions!!!! I don't care to read about this jerk on pages where it's relevant. Why must I read about him here? And yeah, it doesn't seem like a "meltdown" to me. You're just trying to sensationalize it. Knock it off. Report what is, not what you want people to see.
Same comment as the rest ... Also... Do these coils and their fields affect electronics in other ways?
My feedback is always of the constructive variety. The more important question is whether Apple takes any of it seriously or suffers from "not invented here" and sheer arrogance. Look at the GUI in iOS 7. Then again, this GUI wasn't really invented at Apple since it looks like Android and Win 8...
Just Wall Street in general. They're largely a bunch of near-sighted greedy opportunists who have destroyed the economy... and taken advantage of even that.
Pretty soon there will be only five companies that sell all the products we buy. Like the foods we buy at grocery stores. Yay capitalism.
I love seeing the NSA violate the anti cracking laws that were put in place by media company lobbies. One hopes the corporations might fight this to protect their interests and their sponsored anti cracking laws. There must be something positive in all this abuse of people, right???
Ah yes, the Tandy PC. That's where I got my start. Tandy 1000 TL, then 2500 TL. 1000 TL had built-in 3-voice DAC and beeper for sound when other PCs were still stuck with simple mono beepers. Had 16-color graphics just before EGA came out. Was a clone of the IBM PCjr, which was a massive failure, so Tandy quickly avoided marketing it as a PCjr clone. Sierra games looked and sounded best on the Tandy (well, Apple IIgs had awesome music capabilities and lots of color for the...
Journalism died when the news agencies decided that selling commercial slots was the only thing that mattered. CNN some time ago disbanded their entire investigative journalism department. News anchors of the old era have long been telling us that it's now all about selling commercial slots.
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