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Ah a gathering of some of the 1%. Or maybe the 5%. Geek edition.
I'm in that population that hates the disastrous GUI destruction post iOS 6. It's not that it's untrue all that's said about the changes. There are people who have spent their lives researching human-computer interfacing and they actually know what they're talking about. Anecdotally, I've seen plenty complaint toward the changes from average users that don't have a voice here in the tech geek community. The opinion is merely unpopular. Specialist knowledge and popular...
I remember, ten years ago, my older sister telling me that she bought a Palm Pilot. It was a WinCE device and it was awful.
I'm reminded of McCarthyism, as well as the paranoid (or insane) founding of the FBI and CIA.
Are those new(?) pedal board effects in Logic X?
The nationalist pride and flag abuse in the USA makes some of us USA citizens feel gross too. I find the USA flag to represent arrogance any more.
I'm all for removing the confederate flag from all places that are promoting and "honoring" it, and especially from government properties, but the banning of it from historical games is too far. I'm not sure it's great to constantly rehash the civil war in games, but that's a bit of a different topic. The USA is still fighting that war. Well, many people in the south are. I've never found reenactment to be particularly healthy either. Maybe cutting out the games is a way...
Yup. Why take care of the people at home in regard to actual social issues, when you can ignore social issues and use FUD as a reason to maintain a corporate-influenced program of espionage and warfare for "security" and "securing access to resources"...?
Well, they aren't looking after our interests, clearly. Just their own political agendas. And corporate agendas, because... plutocratic oligarchy.Above the law they dictate, yes. If any civilian did things like this, it would be considered terrorism and the "patriot" act would be used to put them away as enemies of the state.
So, once there are no buttons at all, how will we escape an unresponsive app?
New Posts  All Forums: