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How is that scenario unique, compared to any other integrated component failing? My integrated GPU failed and I had no protection for that, despite the seller of the chip package getting sued by Apple over it. Bad timing.The whole "upgrade" concept is itself an invention of legacy technology marketing:"Can't afford to maximize the RAM today on your computer purchase? that's ok! Buy it later!**by the time you can afford to maximize the RAM, that format will be off the...
"...when they use they functionality." Proof reading saves face. Also, as other sensible commentators have noted, this "hack" is pretty unlikely a thing for people to be concerned about in real life. Granted, FCC rules probably get utterly ignored by those "three letter agencies"... as they pretty much act above the law anyway.
Ah the magic of the "free market", where reduced demand leads to raising prices...
Gee, that's funny. I looked up tradein value on my iPhone 4 last night, the first google hit was Gazelle, and the value they offered was $5.
"Wimen"?? WTF is wrong with you? Women are somehow excluded from "tech folks" in your world?? They're somehow classified next to "oldies"??My pro photographer friend is a [young] woman who's a skilled, tech-oriented person, and has very specific preferences in mice and keyboards.Discounting women, as if they're some kind of lower caste, is really ignorant and lame.
Every Apple mouse has sucked. Every single one. I'm currently suffering with a Mighty Mouse. My photographer friend hates the Magic Mouse that came with her iMac. I hated the puck mouse (worst mouse design ever). The original Apple mice sucked, too, but they had the early computing era to blame. The only mouse that wasn't horrible was the curved thing prior to the puck mouse, but it still lacked a second button, despite OS 8 & 9 supporting context menus. If Jony Ive is...
Sounds like apps they are considering discontinuing. Making some parts free is great bait to the drug addiction trap of creative cloud subscriptions. Adobe's possibly also hoping this will undo the PR mess created by their waffling over Metal.
By the way: "Cupertino only queries a vehicle's PCM to check whether it's in motion, a simply safety consideration adopted by decades ago when OEMs got serious about in-car audio/video integration." Is an awful sentence.
But that's exactly how advertising works. It's not what you need. It's what they want to push. The notion of showing "relevant" ads thus far has failed to materialize. When do I see relevant Adsense ads? After I've visited someone's site to look at a product or two. Then every Adsense ad on every website I visit shows an ad for the thing I already looked at, on my own volition, and already decided not to buy (yet or ever). How is that relevant? The rest of the ads are...
Understandable. If Jobs treated those close to him better than he treated those who were his ... workers..., or if his behavior had generally and genuinely improved beyond the behavior he's infamous for, the people who cared about him wouldn't want the bad versions of him to be continuously retread by the media, especially after losing him to death.
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