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No the difference is pretty clear between Acrobat Reader outside a browser on my PC and the same document on my Mac in Preview. Acrobat Reader is bloated and slow. Preview ignores all the crap it can't handle and just gives you the basics. This is great until you need the extra crap for some reason.
Not being able to embed 3D models, javascript, and Flash are no losses whatsoever. In fact, I consider the lack of JavaScript and Flash to be benefits, both in performance and security.
Good. They deserve to be. This has been a long time coming. Software has no warranty whatsoever. No accountability by its publishers. The way consumers have been treated, charged, abandoned, etc, the industry has only itself to blame.I'm not really talking about the little independent companies, though many of them are just as bad. It's software as an industry. The way it is handled overall. It's an abysmally bad business that has made untold billions of dollars by...
I bet they're still using the older '09 version of iWork. This is why I found it appalling what they did to the suite with the new 2013 version. If their office people use Windows and Office, or even Macs and Office that would be a hugely embarrassing news story. Like when Microsoft was found to be running some of its servers on Linux.
There is a LOT of functionality in Acobat that isn't in Mac OS X's built in save to PDF. I don't use any of it personally. But I do observe my companion using it for her non-profit and related things. Mostly forms, and mostly filling them out, but also sometimes creating them. Also, using OCR to create text from imported document scans, so the content is indexable and searchable. Can't do that with the built-in Mac PDF writer.I love having the basics of PDF included in Mac...
Posting "news" stories about patents for impractical designs with geeky possibilities, filed just to cover Apple's remotely possible future lawsuits against others, is about as speculative as the patent filings themselves. None of the actual product we see today as "game changers" was preceded by a patent filing giving away the future of Apple product.
Not in the public interest.
Another Flash security hole. What a shock. Why is this crap even possible anymore? What happened to sandboxing?
Yeah the guy has it all wrong. Availability of devices has nothing to do with it any more than availability of thresholds cause people to need to count to 50 before crossing one.The likely causes of OCD are varied: trauma, constant stress, a feeling of lack of control over life, etc. A person may be predisposed to it, too (not that everyone who is predisposed will become OCD, just that some are susceptible when others aren't).Maybe this guy that's terrified of tech devices...
The great thinkers are always going to be present. They're predisposed against the kind of trivia you're worried about causing their extinction.As for complaining about people not being able to live without an electronic device in their hands... My iPhone is an assistive technology device. Before it, I used a Tapwave Zodiac, before that, a Palm Pilot Professional. Before that, I had difficulty scheduling myself and remembering timed events. Paper notes didn't do crap (I...
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