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They're delivering sponsored content and favoring popular stuff. It has nothing to do with chronology or "news feeds". Just like they utterly violated the word "friend", they've utterly defeated the term "news feed". Shock. Awe. They're an advertising seller and we are their product. They don't care what the users want or think and feel. They only care what works best for ad impressions.Just like Google and its growing ever more irrelevant search results.
I deleted the app months ago after putting up with the slowness and crashing in all prior 9 versions and updates. Screw it. Garbage goes in the garbage can. Won't try again. The mobile website is just as crappy/useable as the app. Why bother with the app?
No they wouldn't. It has happened before. It takes a lot to get them to be accountable. If the defect doesn't show itself until customer service contracts are concluded, they have no motivation to respond to it... unless it's a big PR problem.Most big corporations will ignore a large percentage of defects and customers so long as it doesn't hurt their public image. With computer tech, unless the defects get regularly mentioned in magazines and high profile web reviews,...
Same here. My MacBook Pro 3,1 died early last year from the nvidia GPU defect. The machine was fine otherwise. I cannot afford to buy replacements for defective hardware that should last much longer than this. Apple has no replacement parts any more for that model, so I couldn't repair it if I had the money to. I'm very worried about running my last MacBook Pro hot (5,5) fearing a similar problem will strike. These GPU defects are repeatedly screwing consumers of all...
I have Apple's Human Interface Guidelines book from the 90s (?), and it really seems like Apple has lost the path entirely with iOS 7. Mac OS X screwed up for a while in its first few major versions, too, but eventually fell into place again. If the next revision is going to get that flat UI BS of iOS 7, they're going to again ignore their own very well researched and written professional guidelines.
I personally find no desire to use scroll bars any more ever on anything like a Mac or iOS device, and still very rarely on a PC with a scroll wheel mouse. The last time I used scroll bars was on my companion's cheapo Dell laptop. Her machine's track pad sucks, has no gesture support, and is extremely non-ergonomic overall.
No modification to the older plugin GUIs for retina support?
I'm unemployed, on disability, on welfare assistance, am atheist, own a house, am Technically in poverty status, hated beer all my life (only started to begin to enjoy some fancy beers in the last year), drive my own car that I bought new in 1997, while working a professional IT job, hate tech geek attitudes and most of the computer industry, hate firearms and gun nuts (and their religious brethren), am politically left but hate democrats and libertarians almost as much as...
They're really still planking on calling the thing the "freedom tower"? After the terrorists succeeded in their goal of killing our freedoms, as our wonderful "leaders" used the attacks as justification to really start in on killing off civil liberties, and make air travel a nightmare of PR lies, abuse, incompetency, and idiocy? Lets expunge the rest of free speech, make protesting outright illegal, and then build a "monument to democracy" at the supreme count (a statue...
People keep thinking they have choices, rights, and privacy, but that's not what the "free" in "free market" means. The "freedom" is in how much free reign corporations have to screw consumers and influence law.
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