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If they're a monopoly, no. Learn about what a monopoly is. Some businesses have to play by different rules once they become monopolies. One thing they cannot do is use their monopoly position to unfairly benefit themselves at the expense of other competing businesses.
Apple isn't a general retailer with a near monopoly on Internet shopping. That's why the term "monopoly abuse" comes into play here, but not for Apple.
$612,000,000 for warmongering passes the house, but watch out if someone proposes increased social services or universal healthcare...
This whole system is lousy. An entire economy can get pissed away by speculation. There's nothing behind it but opinion, often unfounded and manipulated.
The attitudes of certain people here are wholly unshocking. Anyway, the comparison of this app with news apps is excellent. If Apple steps in here, there's a slippery slope and I would wonder about their policies everywhere else that information is reported. Such as Apple's newly hyped News app...
"content that many users would find objectionable." That's pretty much the point. Poor US military needs PR protection by Apple.
What do you expect? It's a first world company and product.
I wish they could stop selling product to those damn "will it survive being smashed by a tank" article writers. What a waste of material, money, etc. Every time some jackass buys an iPhone explicitly to destroy it, that's one more legit customer that has to wait until stock is replenished. They should track the websites and blacklist the writers of those articles. At least at the beginning of a new product rollout.
Today's websites are slow and buggy user experiences, so yeah, apps are still the way to go.
"I'm sorry, it's your fault too." Good old corporate apology. Tim cook was right about the opportunism. If Jobs hadn't died, all the books and movies wouldn't have appeared. This is always how it works. Just be honest about it.
New Posts  All Forums: