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Sounds like a bad deal for consumers. All these corporate buyouts of default monopolies by other default monopolies...
Same problem here. iPhone 4. iOS 6.x.
I want this to be true very much and very soon.
Yay, more corporate takeovers and mergers. We are still on schedule to have an entire three companies running the entire world by 2026.
1. You can only sell so much of one thing before you saturate your market. This is why so many manufacturers now include obsolescence in their designs. 2. I wonder how many potential sales were lost by people who tested an iPad with iOS 7 and found it to be anything but beautiful and reliable. This is why I don't have an iPad yet. I had money set aside. I walked into an Apple Store with intent to purchase. I used an iPad Air for 45 minutes. I loved the hardware and hated...
It's not regulations and government that makes me want to see Apple go private. It's wanting to disconnect Apple from shareholder control and influence by of the speculation nightmare of Wall Street.
I hope this works as a display and graphics tablet for use with a Mac. I've wanted a Wacom Cintique for ages, but the cost vs resolution ratio was always poor. If my graphics tablet were also an iPad I could carry around the house with me... Oooo... :-)
Ah yes, now the computer industry will start teaching TV consumers all the lessons that computer industry consumers have been forced to learn. Such as: "buy a new one every three years", and "the features they advertised to you that got you to buy in the first place might not be there in a month, six months, or a year (or might never have worked in the first place)". And because American consumers are complacent and the culture is fully libertarian-bullied, everyone will...
Police state dislikes civilian privacy. What else is new?
Spot on. Perfect succinct response to blind worship of capitalism. I won't be so succinct:Monopolies are not just recently destroying the nation. They've crippled the very growth and development of the nation. For example: The USA has garbage for mass transit because of the automotive industry monopolies. They were found guilty of killing rail services and were fined ... about $10,000 or something ludicrously microscopic. Instead of a well developed rail infrastructure,...
New Posts  All Forums: