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I'm utterly unsurprised iOS went 64-bit. It makes keeping OS X uniform across platforms just that much easier.
Seriously, what is the problem with proof reading?
Yes it is inappropriate. The patent office needs massive reform. That's not going to happen by putting a patent agent from a monster of the computer industry in charge. I'm glad to see this is not a man, for a change, but there's definite conflict of attitudes and interests. Patent law needs a massive reboot. It is currently stifling invention and the growth of small business by protecting the ridiculous patents of huge businesses that can lawyer the smaller ones to...
Yes. These numbers should be going up and they aren't. CRT contrast ratio kills LCD. But CRT is blurry, irregular around the entire surface area, and a massive waste in desktop space (I'm still using a 21" CRT). Still, when will LCD displays actually start to improve their color and contrary ratio? Must I spend $6000 on a medical display?? I can't spend twice as much on a display as on a computer.I'll probably be using my CRT on a damn Mac Pro at this rate...
I'm part of the 22%. Two reasons: 1. iOS 7 looks like garbage compared to iOS 6, and the basic GUI changes suck (I like the feature additions but the bevel-less "buttons" are pathetically non-intuitive and have lousy actionable areas). 2. I have an iPhone 4. It will slow down with iOS 7. I already put up with a slowdown from iOS 6, compared to the phone when first bought/used. My use of iOS 7 will be against my preference, on a newiPad, if I can afford to spend my...
Samsung is all about unintentionally demonstrating how marketing is all about lying. Also, I found this to be an arrogant claim: "...universal love for football and GALAXY devices..." That's quite an assumption.
I hope they fix scrolling in Safari. It's not as smooth as it was in prior versions, due to the horizontal movement ability that doesn't belong there in scrolling (causes jumps on release). It currently is too sensitive and shouldn't allow horizontal motion anyway, if the page isn't scrollable.
Um, people's arms are only so long. You don't hold things farther away from you just because they're a bit bigger. There's no math function for determining how far away you place a display based on its size. You place it depending on what it's designed for and handholding is the primary iPad design intent. There are limited arm positions that are comfortable, as well (people aren't going to be holding them at full extension).If you're suggesting the larger iPad would be...
Paragraphs two and five. Proofread.
Under $200 per hour... Reasonable.... These things don't go together. This is just more top 5% of society crap again. There's zero justification for such high pay.
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