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The calculator GUI has zero distinctiveness between numerical buttons and everything else. The plain flat perfect squares without spaces between them make each button blend in to the whole thing to an undesirable level. It all just looks the same. The expended view is even worse. It's just awful. Worst calculator app GUI I've seen in a long time. It looks like the early 80s with sharper lines.
Flash is only good for this: http://www.fat-pie.com/ And this: http://homestarrunner.com/
I would never get enough value in trade to make it worthwhile for me to buy a new phone. If somehow I end up with a new phone some day (I'm on iPhone 4), I'll pass my current phone on to a friend that doesn't have a good phone, for free, which is what I did with my previous iPhone (original).
I don't care who's problem it really is. I see IMAP problems on other providers (I don't use Mail with gmail). If it's incompatibility with other mail clients or mail servers, Apple needs to do compatibility testing and come up with solutions. Pressuring other providers into fixing non-standard IMAP execution is certainly within their ability, if not their will.
Typical geek blames user nonsense. Don't bother using that crap on me because I'm not an insecure end user like you're used to insulting.
Has the slowness of the previous update been fixed?
The day that stuff like this stops being controversy and "newsworthy" is the day that equality becomes a real thing.
FL Studio for Mac is a WINE wrapped alpha test, which isn't getting completed. Image Line liked the number of downloads for it, and therefore are doing a proper Mac OS X port of FL Studio.
The only thing Adobe is dedicated to is strong-arming as many people as possible into subscription plans, regardless of what customers actually want and need. And of course the existing customers obeyed and started subscribing, because what else could they do in a "free" market...
Adobe is dead to me. They won't get a cent until they stop being so damned greedy, hostile, and lazy.
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