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The day that stuff like this stops being controversy and "newsworthy" is the day that equality becomes a real thing.
FL Studio for Mac is a WINE wrapped alpha test, which isn't getting completed. Image Line liked the number of downloads for it, and therefore are doing a proper Mac OS X port of FL Studio.
The only thing Adobe is dedicated to is strong-arming as many people as possible into subscription plans, regardless of what customers actually want and need. And of course the existing customers obeyed and started subscribing, because what else could they do in a "free" market...
Adobe is dead to me. They won't get a cent until they stop being so damned greedy, hostile, and lazy.
" ..."CPGPU" (General-Purpose Computing on Graphics Processing Units)... " Seriously. Is there some reason why you can't be bothered to proofread articles before posting them? This article is a mess.
The sarcasm gets kind of hard to get straight facts out of, in the middle of the article, and that's where the typos (or grammar errors) start up again. I think this article would serve Apple Insider, and Apple, better if it was approached straight (and proofread).
This needs to be part of the honesty in advertising laws. While they're at it, those laws need some serious repairs, too.
Of course they'll deny the claims. Of course they'll point to all the legal behaviors. But of course the system is being taken advantage of by big corporations and there needs to be more control to stop them defeating the spirit of the tax laws via their letter. BTW: Militaries DO commit murder during war. Open a book now and then.
Would be nice if they focused on optimization too. Mavericks has great features but it's slow as Windows to boot and shut down. Also like Windows, I've had to force shut down Mavericks when it wouldn't do the shutdown it was told to do. I also find the general responsiveness to be poor compared to Snow Leopard (which boots, shuts down, and runs very fast on the same MacBook Pro). This is getting obnoxious. I'm LEAVING the Windows platform. Don't turn the Mac platform INTO...
Good. All these corporations need to be reeled in a lot. They should be contributing to societies, not consuming them.
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