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What 401(k)? I lost that in my descent to poverty after my last employer screwed me and the housing market collapsed just after buying a house.
While all of you are talking about how best to spend Apple's money, I'm sitting here wondering if Apple will ever pay the taxes on all that money they refuse to repatriate and bring back to the US economy. I know the sales were made in Europe, but the company lives in the USA. Show some loyalty to your country of origin and put that damn money into the system. That's the problem with corporate America: no loyalty to the nation itself, just to shareholder value.
Apparently the patent office never heard of the Nintendo Wii Wiimote... And I assume all the other similar devices and patents that duplicate each other. Just like software patents. This patent thing has eclipsed ridiculousness. It's gotta stop.
You mean the band lied. I don't find that charming or friendly. Screw business if it means outright lying. Reznor doesn't tend to lie, or even talk too much. If you've been following his work over the decades, you'd know he isn't one to have "diarrhea of the mouth". He didn't even give any actual info here. The only time I can think of that he talked before something was ready was with the Year Zero tv series that was planned with HBO. he admitted he was too excited to...
The best thing Cook expressed, IMO, is learning how other minorities feel. This is called empathy. That's the most important feature of the human race. Whenever I see people bashing anyone else for being "emo", my first impression of the basher is that they're antipathetic. It often seems to me that the most vocal people on the Internet are celebrating their antipathy and intolerance of each other. It's good to see when the tide has shifted on particular topics. I think...
Statements of pride seem useless and illogical unless you appreciate the level of constant shame, hate, and stigma applied to minority groups in the USA. This is why such groups proclaim pride. Sure, they were born the way they are and can't take credit for it, but that's not the kind of pride they're expressing. They're announcing "I refuse to be ashamed of who I am because some of you are bigots!"
Unless they're releasing Access on Mac, there won't be "feature parity". The only reason my non-profit organization running friends haven't bought Macs to replace their awful Windows setups is because they rely heavily on Access databases and Access in specific for database editing and management. Microsoft knows this is a major office feature keeping businesses trapped in Windows. When Microsoft gives up on their desire to globally dominate all computing with the Windows...
Exactly my state of affairs. Since my CRT died, I've done no photography because I only have a 13" regular non-retina MacBook. I'm tempted by this retina iMac, but I don't trust laptop-style components for professional heavy duty use. GPU defects in laptops is well known. I want a Mac Pro. So now that we have the retina iMac, where's the pro display for the pro machine? Is the Mac Pro line going to settle back into development freeze?
Exactly.Look into the founding of the FBI, the CIA, and police forces. When. Why. By who. It's interesting and scary to see how much paranoid insanity was always at the base foundation of what Americans think of as normal government agencies. Paranoia was (and still is) institutional in most of these agencies from day one.
I can't wait to hear what the oppressiveness was. Fair wages, benefits, and conditions for their employees? Product that isn't flawed? Product delivered when it was agreed to be delivered?
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