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I am thinking next year maybe Apple decides to switch to the following convention, or something like it, now that they have 3 screen sizes: iPhone mini: 4" screen at $99 on contract (aka iPhone 5s2 with current iPhone 6 hardware) iPhone Air: 4.7" screen at $199 on contract (aka iPhone 6s) iPhone Pro: 5.5" screen at $299 on contract (aka iPhone 6s Plus) They might also continue to sell the current year 5s model to get to $0 on contract (maybe iPhone 5s hardware in 5c...
Oh man.  Here I thought with all the media attention, we were all about to get free cases out of this. Oh well.    /s
Installed on external drive to test... me likes!
Here is the new lineup (based on pure speculation, just like most rumors): iPhone mini - 4" iPhone Air - 4.7" iPhone Pro - 5.5"
"Apple's entirely new interface on Office for iPad seems much better than Office for Mac" Psst. Don't you mean Microsoft's new interface?
Oh Great. Like Apple did not have enough to worry about, no they have to pacify the iCahn. We shall see if he truly sees long-term value in the company and will be a long-term investor, or if he is just going to try and get Apple to buyback more stock and/or increase its dividend so that he can sell his shares at a higher price within the next few months to a year. My vote right now, based just on his two tweets is the latter.
Yes, but now we only have text without a defined opaque slide zone in the form of a box.
Shouldn't they put the right arrow, er. to the right of the word "unlock?" Since you have the animation moving from left to right on the lock screen, it would make sense that it would end on a right arrow. Putting the arrow on the left doesn't look too good.
So let me think this through: A new retailer of ebooks (Apple), with 0% share in that market, is about to launch a product (iPad) whose success is not guaranteed. They give publishers a contract with a MFN clause that they all hate and push back on. Apple sticks to its guns. Much like the record labels right now with iRadio, they can tell Apple to hit the road. Instead, they willingly sign the Apple contracts after many rounds of back and forth. Under the new...
Huh? Does not the 4th gen iPad already have a rear mic? So how can the 5th gen iPad "gain" one? Maybe it is moving from center back to near the camera? Or are you just comparing it to the iPad mini?
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