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Yes, it's the current development branch for that version of the product. Nice attempt at a semantics game, though. Also I like how you ignored my link to Mozilla's continuous build console where you can see that each commit gets it's own build and test run.
It is true. See my post right above yours.
Yes. They do. From Google's documentation about their version numbers:   BRANCH_BUILD will be updated every time a new build is started on a branch.  This happens whenever a commit is made to the branch.   Mozilla uses Tinderbox (feel free to look it up) which is used to continuously build and test after each change checked in. You can even view this here: https://tbpl.mozilla.org/   So either Firefox and Chrome are not "large projects" or you were speaking out of your...
And I should believe what you say, why? Because you personally work for Apple on OS X?
So Chrome and Firefox are not large projects? Because they do the very thing you claim that "no large project" does.
4 people work on OS X? Builds would have taken a 100 days (are they building OS X on Pentium 1 machines)? You're joking, right?
Apple builds its own machines, it does not build all the hardware within those machines. Ever seen the errata list for, say, an Intel CPU? They can sometimes be massive. Also, not all hardware bugs will plainly manifest themselves when doing development work and sometimes do not manifest until the software is in the wild and being used by regular users. So it's perfectly reasonable and easy to attribute certain issues in the OS with hardware bugs especially when they only...
It only makes no sense if you've never used continuous integration and automated unit/regression testing after each commit.  On the other hand, this is quite a common thing to use for software groups that work on complex pieces of software, such as an OS, do.
Is BBM even relevant to more than just a couple of percent of iOS and Android users? And I'd imagine even saying a couple of percent is largely inflating the number of people who will care.
Good for you. Apple seems to have much higher standards of quality than you do.
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