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Thanks nht, appreciate reading about your experience:)
thanks for your link Marvin. good to read. it seems that the user experiences described refer to streaming on the laptop itself,  not to an external screen which, at least with the 2011 air makes the processor (s) work that much harder...
 The only downside of my Macbook Air 2011 i5 is that the fans kick into high gear when I stream video to an external screen/tv. Otherwise I am amazed by how much it is capable of handling.  I am ready to upgrade, and  wondering if I want to lose the fan noise, do I have to move to the new fan-less macbook? I'm wondering if folks with more powerful macbook airs or recent macbook pros experience fan noise while streaming. Thanks for your responses.
I am looking for my files after restoring my macbook air (lion OS) using the recovery partition. The applications are all there (though I can't get word 2008 to open) however there are only some of the files-the photos are all there, no music, but most importantly the documents folder is empty. YET the computer hard drive shows only 8 gb available ( 128gb) so I am guessing that the files are somewhere, but where?? Any ideas.
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