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For the exact same reason that Obama should be impeached, as put forth, in this circle jerk of a thread.What reason would that be?No reason(ing) required.Ergo circle jerk.
... make it appear as if this has not been reported on extensively by the MSM?I mean it has been reported extensively by the MSM, including MSNBC, on a daily basis, in fact several times a day, on a daily basis.So I see right through your ruse, your setup, and how one goes about creating a circle jerk of a thread.1) Link to wingnutian article.2) Act as if no other news outlets, e. g. the MSM, are reporting on this information.3) Commencement of circle jerk ensues.
Prove it.You know with links to actual quoted words spoken directly by Sestak himself.So, for instance, was Sestak offered the job of Secretary of the Navy?I'll assume so for the sake of this circle jerk.Is that, in and of itself, an impeachable offense?I'll assume not for the sake of this circle jerk.Why you ask?Well the job is offered, Sestek accepts, and he continues to run for the Senate office while serving as the SotN.So you see a job offer could have been tenured,...
We briefly interupt your normally scheduled circle jerk, to bring you this important massage ...Impeachment in the United StatesSo the impeachment bar is rather low to start with, so, for example, if you don't like Obama's farts, impeach him. Hmm, but the D's currently control the House and all committees.Hmm, so it would appear that waiting until after the midterms would seem prudent, hopefully the R's will regain the majority.BTW, I actually want the R's to regain the...
Oops, sorry, didn't mean to interrupt this circle jerk thread.
No, they're Morans.
Yeah, they really ought to put this -> <- n00b in jail.
Image is far too large. Resize it.
Prove it in this case.Stop with all the hand waving and conjectures that you have yet to prove.Do you even know that Obama received the most private campaign contributions from private individuals?Set the all time record, almost $800M ($778,642,047) in the 2008 presidential campaign alone versus $400M ($399,826,076) for McStain.Of that $800M for Obama $665M was from individual donations (85%) versus $206M for McStain (only 52%).$206M versus $665M or 3.23X McStain's.So what...
New Posts  All Forums: