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New lamps for old, new lamps for old, ...Nothing new to see here, move along.
Prove it.
Studies agree on a 1 meter rise in sea levels (by 2100 AD)
NOAA: Global Temps Push Last Month to Hottest March on Record
Icelandic volcano won't affect the world's climate
IMHO Sarah The Clown would have done Hitler proud.
But clearly and incontrovertibly not as desperate as the AGW/HIGW contrarians/denialists. ba da dum bum bum
CO2? Wrong answer!How aboot SO2? Temporary global cooling? Restricted to the northern hemisphere given the high northern latitude? Two-three year timeframe after volcanic activity shutdown?Volcanic Gases and Their Effects
They all will look like your typical morans, of course.
Grover Norquist mentioned the POTUS by name at today's Tea Party bowel movement, talk about the stank in the outhouse, it was like a weak old terlit deuce; Ba-lack Obama. Just your typical Tea Party racist. Nothing new to see here, move along.
New Posts  All Forums: