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Are all WarmMongers climatologists?Are all WarmMongers scientists?Does the Pope shit in the woods?Are all the climate contrarians/denialists lying? You Betcha!
Are female, gay, black, immigrant, handicapped climatologist racists?
Ah, more tangential rhetoric and dodgy logic, I see.
Pretty cool looking time lapse IMHO.
No Point: Here's a flawed analysis and/or data that's been modified by some unknown blogger from the blog-o-smear (not me but the other person).Point: Dude, here's the actual data with the correct analysis, that site is completely bogus (me).Counterpoint: Dude, I rule, you're a racist and you just got PWNED! (not me but the other person).
Intellectual ownership dictates that the person that owns this thread will never stop posting even if they get PWNED!
AFAIK only one scientist in the entire world suggested the 2013 date.And for some reason, I don't trust one other scientist from the Global Warming Policy Foundation making an unbiased statement on the 2013 date when only one scientist in the entire world predicted some such.But did you see my The American Stinker comment? I've got the data and a correct analysis in an Excel spreadsheet.Arctic Sea Ice Extent;March = - 2.6%/decadeSeptember = - 11.2%/decadeArctic Sea Ice...
Militia compounds = Tea Party compounds != Kennedy Compound (or any other fill-in-the-blank compound).All of this has been covered (for the most part) in the (falsely purported) Liberals Gone Wild thread.
Stay tuned.
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