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FBI arrests California man for threatening PelosiSo tomorrow morning (PDT) we'll know for sure what this Tea Party Terrorist will be charged with.Stay tuned.
Statement of Governor Bob McDonnell
Ask someone at Free Republic, there the one's that put it up, and subsequently took it down.
Thought so.
McDonnell Apologizes For Proclamation, Adds Slavery Clause So the one I posted was the updated version as first reported at Free Republic.
Virginia Governor: Slavery Not “Significant” Enough to Include in New Confederate Holiday
If you talk Confederate history, you must also speak of slavery BREAKING NEWS: Governor apologizes for not mentioning slavery.
Dear Glenn Beck and Free Republic,You sent me the wrong declaration.Signed,Me
Well it seems that Free Republic took it down for some odd reason.You'll just have to go with the original post.
Unnamed sources, we'll find out soon enough, but don't watch Faux Noise, because you can bet your bottom dollar that Faux Noise will make it out that Pelosi threatened to kill this Tea Party Terrorist.
New Posts  All Forums: