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That's morans for all you Tea Party Terrorists.
Ah, I see, he was going to make her go blind, or steal her street address, but wait she has more than one home.Sorry Bucko, not looking good for your home team, The Tea Party Terrorists.
So then you are saying that this Tea Party Terrorist just wanted to kidnap Pelosi and then kill her, because that's what you seem to be implying.
Then go to Free Republic, use their search feature, and enter "Confederate History Month"
Free Republic link
D'oh! TBD. Arrested and to be charged in a federal court.You got a problem with that, go to ...
Free Republic
From someone who doesn't know what they're talking about, and clearly you don't, as shown from your The American Stinker link for the math impaired! Weather != ClimateNo need to remove your blinders though, carry on, ...
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