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What, no science!There you go a blogger from the blog-o-smear. Go figure.
Oh N-O-0-O-0-O-0-O-0-O-0-O-0-O-0-O-0-O-0-S!Cold snap causes late-season growth spurt
Yes, clearly in's a government conspiracy, I tell you a goobermint ...... CONSPIRACY!
The American Stinker? The above statement (included in all *.txt files) is kind of ...... IMPORTANT!The n00b at The American Stinker totally ignores this most important correction to the raw area data necessary to remove this area discontinuity.From 1979 to June 1987 add 1.19 million square kilometers to the raw area data to get the total area.From July 1987 to March 2010 (and afterwards) add 0.31 million square kilometers to the raw data to get the total area.However,...
Thanks for proving my point with your link.
Wilson has a .38-caliber revolver registered to him and has a concealed carry permit for it, Woodbury wrote.To confirm Wilson was the caller, one agent telephoned him and posed as a member of a group working to repeal the health care legislation, the statement said.According to a excerpt of the conversation, Wilson confirmed he repeatedly called Murray as well as Washington's other Democratic senator, Maria Cantwell. He then stated: "I do pack, and I will not blink when...
You Betcha! A new view on sea level rise It looks as if the tide is turning, both literally and figuratively speaking;
You only need to note the timeline of events.In the 1990's militias were in vogue, killing doctors at abortion clinics was in vogue.Clinton, a Democrat, was POTUS.Then came Dubys, a Republican, militias decreased, killing doctors decreased, extreme right wing rhetoric against the state virtually disappeared.Then came Obama, a Democrat, the Tea Party movement then starts, killing doctors increased, militias increased, violence against the state has increased.Do you detect a...
No, you are wrong, as I do fully understand that I am included.However, I don't start many threads in PO for that very obvious fact.I don't "have an ax to grind" to the degree that I need to start dozens of threads per year, and then staunchly defend my POV for the sake of defending my POV (aka intellectual ownership).I too, find such a view (force feeding) highly questionable and somewhat disturbing.
So you do like and approve of health care?
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