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Really?  Your suggesting pages doesn't run well cos my imac has only 4 gigs?  I find that pretty incredible.  It's basic word processing whats the big deal?  I have way less problems processing truly big files in photoshop than w/ crumby little pages files. Pls explain. 
Thanks for the alt tip.  I have tons of ram on my 4 gig iMac, so I doubt that's the problem.  If it's writing to disc a lot on it's own then the way it does it is a problem for sure.  It's really ruined my day today.  Your support however is a breath of fresh air.
It sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!  There is no save as function.  It's buggy, keyboard freezes regularly.  I hate it, hate it, hate it.  
REALLY Nice of you!  Thanks.  But I've bought a new hd loaded with tiger and 9.2 from headgap.com  That should do it.
scsi would not work with 10.5 even with special adaptor(s) I added for my film scanner from 2002 until upgraded to 10.5 last year.  After that no scsi anything.  But more importantly the camera driver I need to use requires os classic.  So it's either os 9 or I go windows nt or something like that.     It's a FW400, and that maxoxhints forum link is very informative! Thank you.  Some of it is over my head, but I have renewed hope.  I'll follow up after I follow those...
 It's a mirror door g4 from 2002,   Now, if I go to system prefs> start up disc, I can see an image of the 9.2 disc in have in the cd drive, but when I highlight it and click restart nothing happens.  This 9.2 disc isn't an original disc.  Maybe that's my problem.  I haven't found 9.2 elsewhere, but I know Amazone has 9.0 for $30.  Maybe that's my best next step.  But I'm not opposed to doing the windows way.   Am I missing something obvious??
I've tried to start computer with OS 9.2 disc in drive, but holding down C doesn't bring up a new install window, it only brings me back to my 10.5.8 desktop with the dvd drive window open... OS 9.2  icons...  I tried directly installing OS 9.2 over 10.5.8, but a window appears saying classic is no longer supported.  Seems like I have to zero data the 10.5.8 first, no?  If so, how?  I don't have those discs.  Thanks - N
Thank you.  Confirmed.  It's set to Apple Partition Map.  So I'll go ahead, purchase 9.2, load it over 10.5.8, and hopefully it'll work.  !  I'll let you know just to follow up.   Thanks so so much. - Nick
Thanks Marvin.  Not sure how to do that, but a quick help search yields instructions to boot from an install disk.  I don't have any bootable discs at all, yet, but I know 9.2 is available at Amazon.com.  Do I need that to check Partition Map?   Thanks again. 
Hi all,  I need to run a scsi dirve with os 9.2.   I currently have a G4 with OS 10.5.8 sitting unused in my closet, but I don't  have any original install discs for it, must have dumped them long ago.  Do I need to zero data the 10.5.8 before installing the 9.2.?  How without 10.5.8 discs?  Thanks so much. 
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