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Almost every major institution or company uses their own flavor of linux and uses extra server capacity in their data centers or something like AWS or Azure to provision on the fly. My notice of Mac Pro's has been more for the freelancers, small business folk who cannot afford large scale efforts or hire specialist who can tailor provisioning services for their needs etc. Mac Pro borders a niche market but never the less a large enough population still need them. 
Hello, I’m currently a senior at James Madison University and have been doing web design since I was 14. I’ve had such a passion with it that I started my own web design company. This ultimately led to be one of the first student teachers at JMU. I am teaching a class on CMS’s specifically Joomla and Magento (although not a true CMS it fits the bill). Although this is a massive undertaking I’ve decided to take it one step further. I am building an online interactive...
What I meant was why would anyone want to be installing Cat 5 in new buildings.......  
Cat 5.....why are you still installing Cat 5, Cat 6, I've heard some building going all fiber (not economical).
Its funny going to how many boards and seeing windows fan-boys, mac fan-boys, linux-fanboys than everyone else.   Breakdown: Mac-Can't be better than anything Apple Produces Windows - Finally better than Apple Linux- F' all you (thanks linus) Evey normal person - looks interesting have to wait and see when it comes out and compare it. I'll wait before buying an iPad 3 or this thing. 
See bold, are you saying that a 7970M will only be 15% slower than a GTX670? Based on?
In for 802.11ad =p
They most certainly will come out with a new airport. Apple's latest strategy is synergy with all their products (airplay, connectivity, etc). To make that all happen the airport is the most essential piece. Also keep in mind the rumored apple tv, in order to prepare for all the future bandwidth req. they will need 802.11ac. I just wish the IEEE wasn't so extremely slow releasing better standards.  
Saw this on Gizmodo: https://www.facebook.com/MacProsPlease
The point i'm making is instead of having some super high-res screen as standard I'd rather have an SSD & more RAM standard. Say the current screens cost $200 and the newer screens cost $400, I'd rather apple take the $200 keep the original screens now and throw that towards an SSD in place of a stand HDD. 
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