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Another frivolous lawsuit that makes a mockery of our justice system.
Maybe the newly elected republicans and Obama will allow a tax repatriation holiday and Apple can keep the buy backs going next year.
Check...and...mate. I wonder if Android will solve this in 5 years.
More likely it's an opportunity for news outlets to portray a successful American negatively.
The podcasts are the only category I've actually used. Good to see I'm not totally out of touch
I love hearing about expanded Siri functionality
This is the iPhone everyone has been waiting for 2 years. No wonder it is selling like hot cakes.
I think the apple watch will win Apple back some cool points which the original iPhones had before they were copied. The coolness factor will translate into higher margins until Apple's competitors can catch up.
Another Dumb and Dumber movie /s
The Ashton Kutcher movie wasn't perfect, but I'm kind of not in the mood for another Steve Jobs movie
New Posts  All Forums: