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This was the most surprising product announcement, and probably a huge opportunity vs Microsoft's overpriced Office 360 transition. Non-business users will balk at the high monthly fee of Microsoft and look for a cheaper (almost) fully featured alternative
I hope this case blows up in the DOJ's face, but I doubt that will happen.
My guess is when this phone is released
This is a cool feature
That demo stunk.
This feature is the most surprising update to me. I'm hoping it can give MSOffice and GDocs a run for their money.
Yes, with Safari, according to the press release..
I expect a cease and desist letter is already on it's way.
I suspect there are legal ramifications and protocols for this process, but I wonder how advantageous setting up a system to do this would be for Apple. I suspect it is more trouble than its worth.
If they don't announce an API for the TV I'm going to be disappointed
New Posts  All Forums: