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Yes, with Safari, according to the press release..
I expect a cease and desist letter is already on it's way.
I suspect there are legal ramifications and protocols for this process, but I wonder how advantageous setting up a system to do this would be for Apple. I suspect it is more trouble than its worth.
If they don't announce an API for the TV I'm going to be disappointed
Apple may have a grand vision, but Microsoft has a real product with the Xbox one. The AppleTV is not even worth mentioning by comparison.
Underestimating what? It isn't like something materially changed about the product since last quarter. The sales rate probably decayed like any other 2nd quarter after product release.
I'm hoping this chip will offer a quantum leap in weight reduction and longer battery life. My old MBP could use an upgrade.
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...it's broken.
I'll bet Windows 8 based PCs dropped off a cliff.
Wake up Apple! We need apps on TV!
New Posts  All Forums: