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My prediction is for a retina display, LTE chip, and no touch screen.
AppleTV getting Aereo...awesome. AppleTV getting CW...yawn
Everything I read that Google announced doesn't excite me. Am I missing something? The CEO talks about big innovations, but I just don't see them. Self-driving car...innovative. A Pandora clone...nope. A Skype clone...nope. The rest...nope.
That home button was an engineering disaster
So, basically it takes a year for Amazon to copy Apple's features.
No Smell-O-Vision, too? Disappointed.
You only get the dividend if you are a shareholder of record on the dividend record date. Owning it any other time is not relevant for the dividend.
I think Mac mini, too
I expect Samsung to open a sales cart in the alley with exciting innovations like a larger plastic cube and a free doner kebab
I expect the air waves will soon be bombarded with ads suggesting the iPhone is dated and only for total squares like my grandmother.
New Posts  All Forums: