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This sounds like a terrible feature, which I doubt would work very well
Yes, because everyone watches TV with one eye closed /s
Samsung needs to be taught a lesson and the sooner the better
It's a good thing for Samsung she dismissed the jury, so she can delay this trial even longer.
Remember when people complained about the lack of Flash on iPhone. I can't say I'm worried about missing out on all of those viruses.
The sooner a refreshed 9.7" ipad comes out the better. The chip bump on ipad 4 was nice, but the mini showed what the device could be.
I'm kind of hoping for mobile purchasing from the 5S
Data transmission over 3G? This sounds frivolous to sue over a wireless standard
What are those apps? I would concede your point if you actually had something to add to it.
It's somewhat of a niche product, that Apple needs more business development to make ubiquitous. I often wonder if Apple has any MBAs on staff.
New Posts  All Forums: