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This tech seems to make NFC unnecessary. You have to be close, but not that close
I want this too
While I think Jobs did some amazing things, I couldn't help but think that he had some strange hang-ups in his personality.
I could see this going either way. Challenging the government in court isn't ever a sure bet.
I predict print publishing will be out in 2 years, we'll start to wonder how we ever got by with static content
I seriously doubt the sales of this device will ever be meaningful to Apple's bottom-line, since its a pretty niche product
I think this is a huge win for Apple in enterprise sales. The only thing that can top this is MS Office for iPad.
This was the most surprising product announcement, and probably a huge opportunity vs Microsoft's overpriced Office 360 transition. Non-business users will balk at the high monthly fee of Microsoft and look for a cheaper (almost) fully featured alternative
I hope this case blows up in the DOJ's face, but I doubt that will happen.
My guess is when this phone is released
New Posts  All Forums: