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It's time to end the "minutes" scam, and just do voice over data.
Google's adoption of WebM that split the video support of H.264 based on a flawed knock-off has pushed video software back by years. Dealing with this nonsense has been a colossal pain for video software developers. Thanks, Google.
When you have $130B in the bank don't you think you could roll out things faster than this? Maybe they hedge their bet in case it's a flop?
High performance computing is either deployed through commodity clusters or gpu clusters. This product has fallen in the void between those and a desktop that isn't very large.
I don't quite get what the target market is any more for the Mac Pro. I doubt the revenues are even worth mentioning in financial reports. I imagine they keep some guy from Next around updating this product so they don't have to lay him off
This sounds like a terrible feature, which I doubt would work very well
Yes, because everyone watches TV with one eye closed /s
Samsung needs to be taught a lesson and the sooner the better
It's a good thing for Samsung she dismissed the jury, so she can delay this trial even longer.
Remember when people complained about the lack of Flash on iPhone. I can't say I'm worried about missing out on all of those viruses.
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