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What happened to their staggered release schedule? I think getting rid of it is an incredibly stupid strategy.
Does Apple offer real-time stock quotes, yet? Delayed quotes is amateur hour.
I am curious about the success of iAds, since we haven't heard much about it from Apple in a long time.
This device seems pretty likely to me.
It's time to end the "minutes" scam, and just do voice over data.
Google's adoption of WebM that split the video support of H.264 based on a flawed knock-off has pushed video software back by years. Dealing with this nonsense has been a colossal pain for video software developers. Thanks, Google.
When you have $130B in the bank don't you think you could roll out things faster than this? Maybe they hedge their bet in case it's a flop?
High performance computing is either deployed through commodity clusters or gpu clusters. This product has fallen in the void between those and a desktop that isn't very large.
I don't quite get what the target market is any more for the Mac Pro. I doubt the revenues are even worth mentioning in financial reports. I imagine they keep some guy from Next around updating this product so they don't have to lay him off
This sounds like a terrible feature, which I doubt would work very well
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