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Data transmission over 3G? This sounds frivolous to sue over a wireless standard
What are those apps? I would concede your point if you actually had something to add to it.
It's somewhat of a niche product, that Apple needs more business development to make ubiquitous. I often wonder if Apple has any MBAs on staff.
A striking resemblance? Why not call a spade, a spade? Samsung cranked up their copy machine, and apparently it takes about 8 months for Samsung to develop a feature.
Here comes Samsung Wallet, a passbook knockoff. More "innovation" from Samsung. http://www.gizmodo.com/5987237/samsung-wallet-is-apples-passbook-on-android
I think it's interesting LG didn't choose Android for their smart TV. Not sure what webOS has that's better
8 cores seems pretty unlikely
I think that should be "Exynos" processor, or did they rename it?
So, is it basically the usual HTC with some hardware updates and "BlinkFeed" (what an awful name)? I don't see a software upgrade in this that makes me want to buy it over another Android device with similar hardware. These phones seem to have no differentiation, so buyers will just choose based on hardware specs.
More mobile fragmentation can only help Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: