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LOL I love this line. I believe Samsung recently doubled down on the stylus by purchasing Wacom stock.
My co-worker bought the first Kindle Fire, but was looking to get the Samsung for an upgrade. I'll bet customer loyalty on all Android devices is practically zero, and price is heading in the same direction. This is good and bad for Apple.
23 GB of free space on a 64 GB device is laughable. This should be listed as compromise #1
I'd like a lighter phone with a bigger screen, and preferably with less bezel. A more scratch resistant surface that doesn't require a case would be nice, too
Remember WAP? Yea, it's so over.
This seems to be a copy of this video, and once again Samsung has no new ideas. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32C0eKRQVt8
It doesn't even seem to have much to do with Samsung
Yea, I didn't see this as a slight against Apple. It seemed to be making more fun of the litigious nature of pro-sports and "official sponsors" like what the Olympic Games sued over
DVR?! I don't think so. That's an obsolete technology invented for the old TV channel paradigm playing shows on a schedule. We have streaming video now. Watch what you want when you want.Now if only Apple could get shows in iTunes when they are aired instead of hours later. No I don't want to watch new episodes of Big Bang Theory the next day at 5am. Ugh
New Posts  All Forums: