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So, is it basically the usual HTC with some hardware updates and "BlinkFeed" (what an awful name)? I don't see a software upgrade in this that makes me want to buy it over another Android device with similar hardware. These phones seem to have no differentiation, so buyers will just choose based on hardware specs.
More mobile fragmentation can only help Apple.
This is a well known technique to get non-blurry shots, so I wonder what is novel about their algorithm. Cue Mark Cuban and his gang of SW patent nay-sayers...
It's a shame the PC market is waning, Macs really are incredibly better than all other Windows laptops
Wouldn't it be ironic if the whole manufacturing process was automated and just run by robots?
I predict he will say next to nothing interesting and it won't include anything we don't already know. But I can always hope.
Address the feature phone market? I can honestly say "Samsung can have at it".
Apple's income statements are rounded to the nearest $1M, regardless of their percentage of revenue or profit.
$1B is not a rounding error to any company
LOL I love this line. I believe Samsung recently doubled down on the stylus by purchasing Wacom stock.
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