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Another Dumb and Dumber movie /s
The Ashton Kutcher movie wasn't perfect, but I'm kind of not in the mood for another Steve Jobs movie
Do any adults use these or are they throw-aways that can keep a kid occupied with angry birds?
I hope Apple can finally get some momentum with iAds. This is a great growth business that has gone almost nowhere
Its good to see iAds hasn't gone the way of Ping, yet
That's ridiculous that it was still 32-bit. Did it take that long to convert or was supporting older systems that important?
That's a great deal on the iPad Air 2!
This is the first year there really isn't something I need.
I'm surprised more companies don't just exit the space altogether.
Finally Runkeeper adds a feature I can use. I hope they also solved the 0.0 length entries.
New Posts  All Forums: