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Is there a comparable technology on Windows PCs? I don't see anything like this on Dell's website. Their higher end systems just seem to add more TBs *edit* actually, I see a mention of mSata Caching SSD drive on their top Alienware system. I wonder how many PCs are shipped with this
That's Hot!
I never suggested any thing like a netbook, I am only saying that intel never really figured how to optimize their chips for power management.
ARM chips are improving in performance faster than intel is improving power management. Recompiling an app that runs on intel to run on arm is trivial
A cheaper, lighter, longer-battery, arm-based notebook would destroy PC sales. Throw in LTE FTW
CES 2013 Hot: Driverless cars Not: Phablets   Phablets: As horrible as their name
Connected devices will become ubiquitous now that they don't need to be physcially connected. These include sensors for recording information, control devices, and media devices. These include printers/scanners, stereos, tv's, security cameras, lighting, temperature control, access control, audio/video communication, exercise equipment, etc.
Apple needs a home automation infrastructure, but it isn't clear if Nest would provide that. Apple has Bonjour to connect devices, but I think it needs some improvements to work across routers.
Revenue on Nook readers and books down 12.6% from a year ago. Tablets are killing the e-reader market.
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