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Apple needs a home automation infrastructure, but it isn't clear if Nest would provide that. Apple has Bonjour to connect devices, but I think it needs some improvements to work across routers.
Revenue on Nook readers and books down 12.6% from a year ago. Tablets are killing the e-reader market.
I predict Americans will soon become sick of the incessant news coverage of political "calamities", and journalists will have to manufacture increasingly scary-sounding catastrophes. Next up we'll probably have the "budget civil war" followed by the "debt holocaust"
I'm actually interested to know how the stock buyback is going. I'm not expecting a dividend increase, but it seems possible.
I think it's official, the Surface is a flop.
At least Google had the good sense to name their's something else.
Are you actually saying that Amazon's "app store" is in a totally different business?
Any amateur logician can see this suit begs the question and should find amazon in violation. The moniker is commonplace because they all copied it from Apple, QED
LTE on the laptops would be great, too
In related news, grass is green
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