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Announced on Google+? I'm surprised anyone heard about it.
Ever notice how Xbox doesn't run Windows PPC? I am surprised they didn't sell the Surface with Windows RT as an Xbox device, and leave the Surface Pro to run Windows.
I bet they only sold 2 phones at each of these stores and the stock will trade down on Monday.
Lower, the analysts who are turning bearish expect long lines for their revenue forecasts.
Now there isn't any reason not to upgrade to iOS 6, and we don't have to hear about "mapgate" any more. Apple's map app was 10x better than the old Google app, but no one would know from the blogosphere.
China Mobile will probably hold out until they see how much business they are losing. Apple made AT&T a player in the US, and could do that for China Mobile's competition
I never found a very good replacement for public transit data, but otherwise, meh
Most PCs have a useful life of 3 years, so things can/will change fast.
I'll have to keep an eye out for one at Goodwill
That's about the only thing rational thing I've heard about the so called, "fiscal cliff"
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