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LTE on the laptops would be great, too
In related news, grass is green
That is one ugly watch
Shouldn't this article include at least quotes from 3 other analysts claiming Apple has peaked?
I predict at least one model of MacBook has LTE this year
Could we get wireless charging already? That's what I want in my next iphone/ipad/MacBook
Phew! That takes a real load off my mind. I believe the boys over at Google own their own 767. I wouldn't mind having one of those, too.
Great app!
I like the look of the hull of this ship, but the pagoda plopped down on top looks stupid.
What ever happened with Apple's request for additional damages of ~$500M on top of the $1B?   I'm hoping Apple can also bring a case against Samsung on the Chromebook, that thing looks like a copy of the MacBook Air. Samsung has no shame about ripping off Apple's products. I wish I worked in Samsung's R&D group, and could just get paid for spending time surfing Apple's website.
New Posts  All Forums: