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While Apple's hardware receives most of the focus, I think their greatest potential lies with their software. This is where the real profits lie, and they have only scratched the surface, here.
Apple's P/E is astounding considering their product quality, margins, and market potential of current and future products.
This smear on Romney's career in private equity is both absurd and wrong. Why don't you go read something about his career and stop trolling message boards?
  Taxing the wealthy will actually bring in far more than $10B, you just have to be flexible on the definition of "rich". I suspect it will soon mean you made more than the personal deduction.
Hopefully Obama is interested in a reduced repatriation tax, but I am not holding my breath.
This seems useful if apple runs out of stock, but I think I would buy from apple first.
Apple continues to innovate and improve their products. While dell and hp churn out the same old crap, but now with win8. Once Apple captures the enterprise, it's all over.
Google isn't going to come out well when they realize how little they are getting for their Motorola patent portfolio
Judging by the price drops in large TVs and an upper limit to increasingly larger displays, I think the business is ripe for adding features through software instead of purely hardware considerations. A TV box makes more sense for people who already have TVs, but an integrated device will work better and is Apple's modus operandi.
I'll probably download it and never use it. Apple maps works fine for me
New Posts  All Forums: