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It seems like there is plenty of time to get this before XMAS. Given that the iPhone and iPad are the hottest device on everyone's XMAS list, I don't see how releasing this with some minimal delay is a "cock up"
I'm not going to trade in my 1995 Mustang until I can get a driver-less Google car.
Perhaps the remaining car companies like the Yugo and Trabant will integrate with Android.
I never use the widget view on my Mac. It surprises me that android adopted widgets and not iOS.
This looks like a big win for Facebook and Apple. Do they offer the same for google play or amazon?
Analysts seemed to go slightly negative just because apple adjusted their device release schedule. This seems pretty shallow for people who study company financials for a living.
More shoppers are probably buying online to avoid stock-outs.
They need to get those iMacs out the door.
Android needs a new tag line. Still #1 at making calls, but not much else.
Everyone on my Xmas list is getting an apple device. No more troubleshooting my mom's blackberry!
New Posts  All Forums: