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Sculley? Surely you're not talking about that guy that drove Apple into the ground. No one cares what he has to say, and should go back to selling sugar water. Chris
The WSJ has a great iPad app, which I think is also owned by Murdoch. 
I wonder how much of this interview will be about Cook or about Apple
That price suggests this thing is DOA
I'd love to be able to charge my devices wirelessly along with my MBP.
Apple is a business. The board of directors and executives of the company have a fiduciary obligation to profit their investors. Without investors Apple wouldn't exist.
This is a great ad, which portends the end of print publication of magazines and newspapers. Paper is so over...
I think all of this legal wrangling is hurting the stock. Apple needs some real closure on this for the stock to rally. Unfortunately, Samsung continues to rip off feature-after-feature with each new release.
It's not a utility patent, it's a design patent: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Design_patent   This is just more proof that Samsung tries to copy just about every feature of Apple's products, no matter how trivial.
It seems like there is plenty of time to get this before XMAS. Given that the iPhone and iPad are the hottest device on everyone's XMAS list, I don't see how releasing this with some minimal delay is a "cock up"
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