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I would guess Iger is privy to apple's stock repurchase plan, and wants to get in ahead of the next run-up.
An early roll out with a new LTE chip may help apple reach more of these systems
I didn't realize they had the extra speaker there to reduce ambient noise. Very cool.
  The entry level storage size does seem like a bait-and-switch, but maybe there are people that don't really need any storage.
Is this just a timing issue, with the macs getting a late release? The sales may be down, but I bet profit is up with the more expensive retina display. WINNING!
I had the "problem setting date and time" error. Ugh, Apple needs to get on this ASAP
I think just about anyone could predict these products, the real innovation will come in software.
The only thing I am looking for is a really good public transit app, which Google Maps did well.
I just bought my girlfriend an Apple TV, and she found it far more usable than her Xbox. Lets hope Apple can get some apps on that pronto.
I never could figure out what their app did and why I should download it, but they sure seemed to generate a lot of hype and VC money
New Posts  All Forums: