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Online storage for backups makes a lot more sense than physical hard drives.
Something tells me windows 8 is a flop
This makes no sense. I think you meant Samsung and Motorola.
I wonder if they will announce the details at the next quarterly conference call.
I think this is the same number Shaw Wu was predicting back in Sept, so apparently he hasn't changed his estimate. I guess he thinks the capacity issues are much ado about nothing.
I read somewhere that the iPad 4 is cooler, but I'm not sure how they verified it
Apple seems to be coming up with a lot of good ideas that improve on each piece of their systems. They continue to innovate and drive their products forward. I can only imagine where they will be in 5 years.
Passbook is going to turn out to be a real boon for retail.
This will drive more sales for apple. How long before t-mobile officially supports iPhone with subsidized plans?
More proof that anti-trust laws are complete hog-wash, and hopefully a court trial will expose this nonsense as such
New Posts  All Forums: