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It's only a matter of time before some of these PC companies start declaring bankruptcy. Who will be first?
  HTC, Samsung, and others can make considerable changes to the Android interface and features, while I bet win8 on any phone will be about the same. I don't think Nokia wants to compete with Microsoft on phones with nearly identical software.
This doesn't bode well for Nokia, unless msft is looking to buy them out.
Remember the white iphone that took something like an extra year to launch. AAPL isn't perfect, but that was a colossal delay.
Apple doesn't offer a feature phone, so they will continue to pick up customers from people looking to upgrade. Smart-phone's apps and media lead to increased customer stickiness, while feature phone customers are prime for switching to Apple.
Online storage for backups makes a lot more sense than physical hard drives.
Something tells me windows 8 is a flop
This makes no sense. I think you meant Samsung and Motorola.
I wonder if they will announce the details at the next quarterly conference call.
I think this is the same number Shaw Wu was predicting back in Sept, so apparently he hasn't changed his estimate. I guess he thinks the capacity issues are much ado about nothing.
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