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Everyone on my Xmas list is getting an apple device. No more troubleshooting my mom's blackberry!
You can get a refurb from apple for $85
This is good to see. I think businesses are the most likely to value a quality product in terms of total cost of ownership.
Insiders buy shares all of the time and have inside information about the company. He is on the board of directors. The SEC has specific guidelines for executives, but that doesn't mean they have to buy high and sell low.
I would guess Iger is privy to apple's stock repurchase plan, and wants to get in ahead of the next run-up.
An early roll out with a new LTE chip may help apple reach more of these systems
I didn't realize they had the extra speaker there to reduce ambient noise. Very cool.
  The entry level storage size does seem like a bait-and-switch, but maybe there are people that don't really need any storage.
Is this just a timing issue, with the macs getting a late release? The sales may be down, but I bet profit is up with the more expensive retina display. WINNING!
I had the "problem setting date and time" error. Ugh, Apple needs to get on this ASAP
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