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The only thing I am looking for is a really good public transit app, which Google Maps did well.
I just bought my girlfriend an Apple TV, and she found it far more usable than her Xbox. Lets hope Apple can get some apps on that pronto.
I never could figure out what their app did and why I should download it, but they sure seemed to generate a lot of hype and VC money
I'm hoping to get some ipad minis for my family, but I'm doubtful Apple will even offer a discount.
That chart still needs a while before we get back to $700. Hopefully, the sooner the better.
Windows 8 RT or whatever it is called makes no sense. Backwards compatibility to legacy apps was the saving grace of Windows 8, and that doesn't have it.
Apple also has a lot of potential in the enterprise for their mac computers and software. I hope they take advantage of the momentum they have gained with the iPad and iPhone.
While Apple's hardware receives most of the focus, I think their greatest potential lies with their software. This is where the real profits lie, and they have only scratched the surface, here.
Apple's P/E is astounding considering their product quality, margins, and market potential of current and future products.
New Posts  All Forums: