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Why would a 1080p movie look any different on two screens with resolutions higher than 1920x1080?They don't. Oh wait, the kindle HD is below that at 1280x800.
Sub-pixel rendering cannot sharpen images, only text and graphics. This point was taken incorrectly out of the article.
I'm waiting for that analyst from BTIG to throw some cold water on this, like that it didn't meet his 3M ipad mini number and that Tim Cook looked funny.
I wonder if Apple gets a cut of the sales.
I'm trying to imagine how analysts can put a negative spin on this.
How original...
The statistic about 47% new ipad owners is a good indication that this device is expanding the ipad market. Hopefully it's shrinking the Android tablet market, too
Yea, apple is falling behind all of the new ideas like the revolutionary line of Nexus devices. *sarcasm*
Ugh, I just imagine people who can't get an iPhone right away being sold an Android POS by AT&T/Verizon salespeople, so they can get a higher commission.
Everyone on my XMAS list is getting an iPad mini, I don't need them right away. I'm curious how the launch without the cellular option, but with a broader base of countries will pan out. Maybe this will drive more interest with a synchronized launch.
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