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Calculating "brand value" sounds like hokum, but I can't argue with the results.
I think it's interesting that he thinks there is a chance apple won't increase the screen size.
LOLThat's one dynamite stereo
I can't wait to see the reaction of my co-worker whe she realizes her fire will start showing ads.
Samsung didn't even try to change their interface to not be a copy of the iPad. How hard could it be to come up with an original design?
I love that Sprint is pushing unlimited data, AT&T and Verizon have to stay competitive with this plan out there.
Bigger screen, 4G LTE, and expanded SIRI; this phone will leave Android/windows/BB in the dust.
This is even worse news for virus/spyware writers. As someone who has cleaned a virus off my parents Mac, this is a godsend
The PEG ratio is unbelievable along with a huge cash pile. This is the buying opportunity of a life-time
New Posts  All Forums: