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The kindle app works great on an iPad. Why would you buy this junk once the mini-iPad is released?
I expect the iPad to destroy the low end notebook market, ie all of those $300 notebooks by HP/Dell, not to mention the netbooks.
  LOL. I bet my co-worker is doing that right now!
This seems unlikely. Every windows notebook I've ever owned was mostly plastic.
Despite all of the well deserved hype about all of the other features announced, this one is probably the most important, financially.
This is giving me deja vu to surfing the web with my 28.8K modem.
That's a clever way to get your app some press in the blogosphere. I can't believe I just typed "blogosphere"
The article doesn't mention the 3GS, but it is good to see the pre-paid plans starting to emerge to meet a new demographic.
Apple is going to sell an insane number of the new iPads in China.
New Posts  All Forums: