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Windows 8 is garbage, Apple has nothing to worry about
Hopefully soon, I'm ready to turn the lock screen password off on my iphone 5 because I'm sick of typing it in
Behold! The cheap iPhone!
I'll believe it when I see it
Why waste their money? The media has already labeled the phones a dud for them.
The only hope analysts have for a cheap phone are an ipod with cellular and Facetime voice. It might happen, but I'm not holding my breath.
Just because the iPhone has a chip that supports China Mobile's network, doesn't mean China Mobile will sell or support it. 
I think the fingerprint sensor is in Apple's sweet spot of taking long sought after technology and making it work for a user. Let's hope they hit a home run with it.
Non-pro price seems reasonable
If there was any justice, the public officials behind this would be publicly mocked for saving that hideous thing
New Posts  All Forums: