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I like the idea, but the price seemed geared toward someone who can't come up with the $200, and needs an overpriced monthly payment plan.
I was kind of hoping for a mugshot
I'm surprised that Apple didn't include a GPS chip in the MBA while pushing maps into OS X.
I buy based on bogomips...old school. Seriously, this doesn't seem remotely enticing.
People would rather buy a tablet over a cheap wintel laptop.
Something tells me a battery life improvement from this technology would be far more valuable than increasing the pixel density on the retina display.
My guess is that this will be a data-only phone with VOIP and no cellular minutes
This looks like iphone meets ipod
Google made software that's insecure. Device makers put that software on their devices. Telcos rolled out the devices with out easy updates. The media won't know whom to blame
They raised $28.5M and sold for $30? That doesn't sounds like a big win for anyone with equity.
New Posts  All Forums: