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There is nothing in the earnings report or conference call that would excite an investor to buy.
Public transit data would be a huge win for Maps! I won't need Google Maps any more.
I like the idea, but the price seemed geared toward someone who can't come up with the $200, and needs an overpriced monthly payment plan.
I was kind of hoping for a mugshot
I'm surprised that Apple didn't include a GPS chip in the MBA while pushing maps into OS X.
I buy based on bogomips...old school. Seriously, this doesn't seem remotely enticing.
People would rather buy a tablet over a cheap wintel laptop.
Something tells me a battery life improvement from this technology would be far more valuable than increasing the pixel density on the retina display.
My guess is that this will be a data-only phone with VOIP and no cellular minutes
New Posts  All Forums: