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I think this should definitely be the "iBling" model
APPELL PETE CORP (APPL) - going cheap in OTC for $0.00
AAPL stock has swayed so much recently, you need sea-sickness pills to stay onboard. This can't be good for investors, employees, or executives.
Tizen is the flavor of the month OS, or maybe they realized that Android cost them $1B in legal cost and they could have just written something from scratch for less.
There is nothing in the earnings report or conference call that would excite an investor to buy.
Public transit data would be a huge win for Maps! I won't need Google Maps any more.
I like the idea, but the price seemed geared toward someone who can't come up with the $200, and needs an overpriced monthly payment plan.
I was kind of hoping for a mugshot
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