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This looks like iphone meets ipod
Google made software that's insecure. Device makers put that software on their devices. Telcos rolled out the devices with out easy updates. The media won't know whom to blame
They raised $28.5M and sold for $30? That doesn't sounds like a big win for anyone with equity.
This is probably one of the least anticipated earnings call ever. There seem to be few unknowns that will move the needle
I've been pleasantly surprised by the price comparison of the new MBA to the Wintel ultrabooks.
It's incredible how quickly speeds have increased since the first iPhone.
Remember when Microsoft used to tease vaporware product launches many months/years in advance? I guess it's Googles turn
Apple should evoke the thought of new, mind-blowing technology, not your grandma showing a slide-show
Someone should photoshop this building as a halo over Steve Jobs' head. That's what it always reminds me of
I'm curious how this device will do, because I just don't see a big market for it. I expect it will be cancelled before the next update
New Posts  All Forums: