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I'm curious how this device will do, because I just don't see a big market for it. I expect it will be cancelled before the next update
Apple should be shouting this data from the rooftops. It's time for an Apple vs Android commercial with the Android device sputtering with malware.
Apple needs to step it up in the enterprise to fend off Android and Blackberry. It's good to see Apple including these features
It sounds like the European market is basically a big win for the lowest price option. I don't think Apple could compete even if it sold an iPod with a data connection that could only make VoIP calls
I only use landscape for videos, and I have a Smart Cover.
If they split off a retina version, why discontinue the old one? I guess they could make it thinner.
This law seems similar to what US patent law tries to achieve with design patents.
I've got a friend who really likes the pebble, but is frustrated by its limitations. I think once people start using them, they wish they could do more. He told me he had one of those Microsoft watches back in the day, so definitely an early adopter.
I always wondered what that big bag pilots were lugging was.
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