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Perhaps in a year or two high-res displays will need less power. With few mods to the case, it seems like they really nailed the design
What's the ETA on the 5S?
I think Apple has strong products in each category, but the market for PCs is rapidly changing underneath them.
This looks like the old ipod nano that you could buy a band for. I think I'd rather pick one of those up on ebay than this.
It's time for dumb pipes and a la carte video. Cable companies have been pushing their GUI-from-hell interfaces for too long.
Sounds like Windows RT is officially DOA
If you thought it was going to be cheap, you haven't been paying attention
32-bit metrics? Isn't everything 64-bit any more.
I think Best Buy shutting down would be a net positive for Apple
Take a look at the latest Huawei Ascend P6, China has jumped on the iPhone knock-off bandwagon.
New Posts  All Forums: