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I think Mac mini, too
I expect Samsung to open a sales cart in the alley with exciting innovations like a larger plastic cube and a free doner kebab
I expect the air waves will soon be bombarded with ads suggesting the iPhone is dated and only for total squares like my grandmother.
Behold! My next laptop. My Core 2 Duo is getting a little long in the tooth.
I don't think anyone thought they would refresh before then. I'd like to see a bi-annual software update that drives more interest in the devices during the off-season. A software update is far easier to do incrementally than ramp up hardware production. Unfortunately, I don't think this will happen.
I'm curious why they didn't get a perfect score. HW, SW, media, apps? I think it's telling that the knock-off devices fall just short. Why innovate when you can just pull into second place with the equivalent of a copy machine.
What happened to their staggered release schedule? I think getting rid of it is an incredibly stupid strategy.
Does Apple offer real-time stock quotes, yet? Delayed quotes is amateur hour.
I am curious about the success of iAds, since we haven't heard much about it from Apple in a long time.
New Posts  All Forums: