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Massive disruption of establishment !!!!!
Come on.  They were talking about using Space-X to launch the iSat system in low earth orbit.  Technology is in place to do the job for around Ten Billion dollars.  Low earth solves the  latency problem and it would take eighty-eight satellites.  The final barrier between Apple and their customers would be taken down.  Talk about a competitor take down.
There is a simpler pre-reason for the Microsoft dominance. It was the gigantic IT departments that ran the pre-PC IBM mainframes. When they had to go to the PC world they did the easiest thing and bought IBM PCs. It was a god send for IT, that with the Microsoft kluge that none of the PCs worked very well. The IT departments did not have to lay anybody off and all were happy. Everyone used the Apple II in business before IT made the turn to IBM PCs. Once the turn...
Yhe my screen is bigger than your screen crowd does know enough to care.
Has anybody looked at the sales of Samsung washers and dryers since the 500 million Apple account holders have decided to not buy Samsung?
Coverse tennis shoes , dirty tee shirts, ripped jeans and scruffy bears are growing old. How about new uniforms with button down shirts, tan khakies, blue blasers and penny loafers for awhile?
Went to Apple Store the other day. The Converse tennis shoes, scruffy breards, miss fitting jeans, and sweaty T-shirts are getting a little old. How about a start in a dress code. Maybe a 1960s Frat boy look. Black loafers and button down collars with freshly scrubed faces. Apple devices are sharp so why not the staff.
My insight. The tax on profits coming back into America is part of Washington's imperialistic ways. The American owned money overseas spreads the tentacles of American imperialistic ventures far and wide. Washington has no desire to bring this money back as it would disrupt this American subversive influences on other nations. It is part of the new world order plan. Mick
It makes me worry that Apple is unsophisticated enough to chase the myths of green energy.  All such concepts produce at least ten times the release of heat into the environment as that of simply burning fuel at the wheels.  Please check where the wall plugs are in these magical schemes.
New Posts  All Forums: