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Went to Apple Store the other day. The Converse tennis shoes, scruffy breards, miss fitting jeans, and sweaty T-shirts are getting a little old. How about a start in a dress code. Maybe a 1960s Frat boy look. Black loafers and button down collars with freshly scrubed faces. Apple devices are sharp so why not the staff.
My insight. The tax on profits coming back into America is part of Washington's imperialistic ways. The American owned money overseas spreads the tentacles of American imperialistic ventures far and wide. Washington has no desire to bring this money back as it would disrupt this American subversive influences on other nations. It is part of the new world order plan. Mick
It makes me worry that Apple is unsophisticated enough to chase the myths of green energy.  All such concepts produce at least ten times the release of heat into the environment as that of simply burning fuel at the wheels.  Please check where the wall plugs are in these magical schemes.
Just bought new home appliances.  There is not a Samsung item in the mix.
how did you file.  I quit prime. But no one seemed to care. There seems to be no place to give them a piece of my mind.
Has any lover of Apple bought any of these products lately?  All appear to be ripoffs of one company or another. 400 Million Apple users must make a difference in Samsung sales.
Cost them a washer and dryer sale this weekend.
The one (Sharp) that makes the 80 inch monster is often mentioned in the same articles as Apple.
I have been meaning to point out the Ron Johnston seems to believe as James Cash Penney did.  Back in the day the stores were not allowed to have sales. They constantly and effectively advertised and sold the best price merchandise.  Once he passed the bean counters decided to do it the modern way and have sales.  It has been down hill for the merchants of main street ever since.
New Posts  All Forums: