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Developers. Developers. Developers! DEVELOPERS! DEVELOPERS! DEVELOPERS! -Steve Ballmer
 I need to find a business partner like that.  But let's chop off a few zeros first to bring it down to my reality.
I'd love to sue one of my business partners and still continue to do business with them.
Sorry Apple, still won't get me to switch away from Office. Keynote probably. But I hate Numbers and Pages just seems like a step backwards for my needs.
"We're not blaming anyone" for the failures, Gleeson said. Yeah, you should. Blame HP and MS. In addition, blame the dumbasses who thought it would have been a good idea in the first place.
Asking Apple to come out with a cheap iPhone is like asking Ferrari to make a sub $30k car. They can do it, but why do they want to?
iWatch = vaporware at this point. I'll believe it when I see it.
Split the stock Cook!
Doing less, knowing less, being expensive and being highly unfashionable sums up Microsoft pretty well. 
New Posts  All Forums: