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Why would Apple cheapen their image? That's like asking BMW to make a Civic-like car with a BMW logo.
  Don't forget the Kin
They should hire Scott Forstall so he can skeuomorph Windows.
Too bad Google is going the way of GE when it comes to using productivity matrices to measure daily work performance instead of actually just meeting project deadlines.
I want to know what he say's that makes you want to feel like you should crawl back into a hole and die.  Can't be any worse than an old boss of mine.
had to update the app....now I can get this free boring game!
I still don't see this free app on my iPhone 5 Apple Store app. WTF?!
Corporations are people too!
iPerforma line is coming back.  BWAHAHAHAHAHA
Somehow, I don't think Tim has time to watch TV.
New Posts  All Forums: