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"Sales of the Kindle Fire HD were up three times what they were in the previous week" That's easy to do with you sell 100 of them and then sell 300 of them the following week.
Android has Evi...sort of like Siri.
Until they admit their bacon is really sliced ham, I'm not surprised.
Good.  I want to get my iPhone 5 in time.
    You realize that Jobs has been known to retract previous statements and/or just say things just to throw people off.
    Maybe it's shades of the color themselves you hate?  If Apple released colored iPhones, it'll be freaking brilliant!  Get over it.
Yet, they have the oldest average fleet of 16.2 years of any of the legacy carriers in the US.  Get newer, quieter, more fuel efficient planes and forgo the iPads.
Is there an appeal's process?
How many people visit the Guru Bar @ Microsoft Store?
New Posts  All Forums: