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The ultimate Genius Bar.
Best Buy...Amazon's showroom.
Put a Microsoft store there instead and watch the reverse happen.
Lightroom is better than Aperture
Not sure if you can help with this.   I want to install Mountain Lion but guess what?  When I formatted my HD last year, I used “Master Boot Record” for the partition map scheme instead of GUID Partition Table”.  Never knew that had to be the case.   I did a Time Machine backup yesterday (took like 12 hours!!).  Now I have to reformat my HD using my OSX 10.5 Leopard disk.  But here’s the thing, my Time Machine backup has OSX 10.6.8.  When I perform a restore,...
Apple does it...it's just business. General Electric does it...it's an outrage!
  My 25GB SkyDrive would disagree. 
butt dyno?
Better than what's being offered in the Amazon App store.  Don't be a douche.
New Posts  All Forums: