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  Yeah... that's the down side of having a car that drives you home from a bar when your drunk. It'll be expensive. But if you think about it, the next thing after that is self driving planes that use typographic maps of the land to travel. Then by 2220 that won't be important. It'll be human made saucers. Self driving cars will be as cheap as a mac book pro with retina display, due to the advancements that will be made in quantum energy...
Or possibly, it'll come in colors. 
  LOL. Made my day.
Any iPad Mini that can be used in a car and use 2 bluetooth headphones at the same time is instantly awesome for road trips. And GF2 technology sounds incredible, so I can't wait till tomorrow.
Apple is still my favorite company even if it has its issues. It's always trying its best on every field and that's what it means to be a real company.
I think you're confusing the two products. Self paying checkout machines take away cashiers jobs. Self Driving autonomous cars take away the need to drive. They are different.   And I don't think self driving cars would force you to visit "sponsored" locations to use them. And we aren't what we buy. We are what we like. And that is only human.
http://www.youtube.com/embed/9RO6AXftkDg   In the link provided you can see a 19 year old quantum generator that takes electrons in the air and uses them for energy.   What I'd like to know, is when will this be commercially available, since the technology is 19 years old, and having these around would it eliminate the need of having to have electric grids, power outages, co2 emissions and overall the need to pay an electric bill? If this technology exists now......
Isn't it too soon to announce another product?? I expect the iMac, Mac Pro, and Mac Mini to get updated by 2013 Spring, but who knows.. then there'll be the new iPad which will probably be widescreen, and then the new iPhone with Wifi AC. Hmm..
It wouldn't been a failed product if they put it on the music app in iOS though.
He was right about Ping though.
New Posts  All Forums: