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everyone keeps talking about the camera but i think GPS would be a better feature. every single cell phone comes with a camera i mean it would be a nice addition but i think a more practical one would be GPS. most ppl already have a camera on them all the time because of there cell phones but how many people actually have GPS? not many. i think thats the real killer feature and hey if we actually get both that'd be awesome.
thats the dumbest thing thing ive ever heard. if u dont need an optical drive then buy a macbook air. remember how muc bitching went on when that was released WITHOUT an OD. yea alot! i use the OD all the time to watch movies rip and burn CD's. if anything they should have included a blu-ray option. apple is actually lagging in this area.
hi my boyfriend dropped his iphone 3g which i bought him less then a month ago and the whole glass shattered. now i found the replacement glass screens on ebay but has anyone here changed them? is it hard? or does anyone know a place in staten island ny or nyc area that will change it and how much does it cost? thankss =]
could they get any smaller?
why do some movies have them and some dont? also on a sidenote i really like how now in appleTV you can go through the chapters like a regular DVD.
wow thats retarded. one more reason ill never buy an iphone.
is there a way to use the landscape keyboard (like when using safari) in the email or SMS apps?
i mean how hard would it be to add this to the iphone and ipod touch? i like the AIM app but it dosnt work in the backround and thats basically makes it useless.
i really was hoping for built in GPS because there current WIFI solution sucks!
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