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  Thank you.   I don't do as much surfing on my Lion machines, (For the time being, the main machine must stay Rosetta-friendly, so Lion will have to wait.) but I have noticed that (IIRC) if the close process is interrupted (eg, dialog box being thrown up), then safari on lion "forgets" the windows it has already closed and only "remembers" the remaining windows/tabs. I'll have to test this reopen from last session.   Any feedback on how well it responds to crashes? Do...
  I said *reliably*.  :P  I've actually seen cases where Safari Lion doesn't reopen the previous windows/tabs.     But thanks for the recommendation.   Looks like SafariStand used to save window/tab state, but I've found another program: Sessions, which claims to. I'll try both on a test machine later this week.
As SAFT seems to be long dead there are two functions I use that I'm looking to get recommendations on replacements. Unfortunately I'm not seeing things like this in the Safari Extensions, so I'm hoping that people can recommend something.   A) *RELIABLY* preserve all of the tabs/windows across crashes/quits/etc. SAFT did this quite well. Is there another 3rd party product that will do this?   B) Not just dump downloads into the downloads folder, but by...
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