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wait, what are you talking about? the micro sim kit is so that when you walk in with your iphone they can give you a compatible sim and get your iphone on the network.   they've been doing this unofficially for years. when I did this a couple years ago the csr simply told me he was going to throw me on the $10 dollar unsupported device plan.
I'm going to assume that the control will be with the user. This should be similar to the old windows smartphones that forced the phone into different profiles based on one's calendar appointments.   we used to have something like that functionality in the jailbroken realm, too. I can't remember what it was called but I'm glad Apple is finally doing this because it's the one thing that bugged me from day one in terms of iPhone being a "smart" phone. Unfortunately those...
I actually re-read the thread and it appears you've confused me with mcrs.   I never made those claims. The comment of mine that you lashed out at was actually supporting your post by pointing out the "best part" of his claim about Windows being innovating this concept but he didn't realize it was three years after Apple's patent filing date. Please apologize.
None of this happened you are simply confused here and apparently willing to argue a point you're not quiet clear on.   Apple patented the implementation of this idea in 2007. A novice mod team adapted it to the old windows mobile 6 OS as a skin. The person who floated this claim in the thread didn't notice that the patent from apple was filed three years before the mod team's work he was familiar with was implemented.   He was commenting on the fact that a mod team did...
I can't make heads or tails of this platformer patent argument. The best I can find is that Space Panic by Universal is often credited as the first platformed. I googled those terms with patent and came across some gaming websites arguing over this samsung v. apple decision and people throwing around bizarre analogies like the one you claimed in this thread (only they did it by name whereas you did not) and Wolfenstein 3d, etc.   If that's where you got your...
I'm really confused as to what you're arguing here. I don't need to read up on the history as I grew up in the 80's. And FYI, there were tons of lawsuits then. What on that wikipedia page do you find relevant to your argument because I couldn't find anything with a quick scan.   I search "patent" and find nothing.   BTW, do you even realize that you are contradicting yourself? Copying/cloning is not "evolving" or "innovation"
Those are examples of anthropomorphism or personification, not psychology.
Well, since you apparently aren't aware of the project and he may or may not be clear on the timeline I suggest you either go do some more research or drop the attempt to use it as evidence of whatever point you're trying to make.   Regardless, you can't simply edit his comment to match your beliefs.
If you go look at the patents and read through them you'll find that's exactly what happens. Apple cross licenses with Microsoft, Palm, Nokia, and I don't who else the list is extensive those are just the ones off the top of my head...oh yeah Samsung, too. The list is too long for me to remember, go read the patents.
No, you are adding what you want to his comments but that's not what he said.   He stated clearly that a windows mobile 6 skin was developed two years ago and since that time it has had that functionality.
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