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I don't know if everything else you wrote here is true or not, but I need to clarify something for you and others reading this: When something is patented it doesn't mean that others can't use it, it just means they have to pay for the rights to do so.   If this supposed game developer had patented anything that does not mean no one else could build upon it. In fact, it's the opposite. The patent would have exposed the method and everyone else would be able to examine it...
you missed the best part...Windows Phone had this feature two years ago (2010) a full three years after Apple filed for the patent (2007--and it's a continuation of an earlier patent of theirs)!
Perhaps there is room for a third party vendor to step in here with some kind of key device that plugs into the USB port and encrypts restorations.   One doesn't necessarily need to prevent turning the phone off if one can prevent restoring the phone to a stock or custom firmware.     Of course these are all elaborate schemes when by far the easiest would have been for AT&T to retain EMEI numbers of their customers' stolen phones and run new customers' devices...
maybe they will in three months? that's what they did with CDMA right (three month or so lag time for the first gen)?
why? they should just innovatively copy these
so we're stuck with edge speeds or when are they going to start showing a map of greater than edge speeds coverage?     wait a minute here...AWS on the iPhone 5?! http://ces.cnet.com/8301-33363_1-57356642/iphone-5-on-t-mobile-it-could-technically-happen/
Well now iDevices don't require syncing to a computer to work but I've brought it up in multiple places, including Apple's theft division and customer care, that I strongly disagree with their decision not to enable tracking and blocking via iTunes and hardware ID.   I bought the launch iPad and it was stolen shortly after Find My iPhone became a free service but I didn't have it enabled because I wasn't using it often enough by then that I was worried it was...
you have to account for when it comes back down, too   look carefully at what he stated: "AAPL moved more than 2% 1 out of every 5 days in the past year. that's 10% of the time up and 10% of the time back down
It's not poverty that is the issue--at least not directly. Terrorists come from what once was the middle class.   Are you guys seriously interested in reading it from some experts' opinions or are you simply rhetorically requesting information that you believe to not exist?   I can tell you right now that my doctorate is in criminology, law, and society and I know multiple credible sources from where you can obtain this perspective. While my expertise is more related to...
  It's my understanding that the Palm patents are robust. When I read through two of the patents in this case I saw no less than six referenced. I would suspect that what Palm wasn't able to patent they've got cross-licensed with Apple.
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