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  Before Hangul Koreans used hanja (which *is* based on Chinese characters). And while Hangul was commissioned in the 1400's it wasn't until the early 20th century that it became widespread.   Before my current Chinese girlfriend I was dating a Korean woman and both of them are under 30 years old. Both knew the history of hanja and neither explained to me about Hangul. Whenever my Korean girlfriend wrote on my arm she did it in hanja leading me to believe that even fairly...
there is forum software that allows downgrading posts so the comment is greyed out (rather than blocked)
has anyone here been following the case closely enough to opine why the iPad patents weren't protected?
I'm not familiar with bankruptcy law but I suspect that events hindering the process so the distressed company is rendered incapable of quickly restructuring or dissolving and settling its debts are frowned upon and appropriately handled by a bankruptcy judge.   If a company can tie another company up in various legal venues until it goes out of business then it leaves all those patents' fates up in the air. They also would have less ability to fight the patent...
how could apple release a $200-250 iPad and still sell iPods?   I doubt we'll see anything larger than a 5" iPod but if we do get something closer to 7" it'll be an iPod and not an iPad.
I don't need Apple to be charitable to gain my respect but I do need them to address the work, pay, and living conditions they (*we* as both investors and consumers of Apple's products) exploit in China. The tension between human rights violations and progress as defined solely by profit is grinding my moral fiber down. I don't know how much longer I can support Apple financially.
Does your opinion change once you learn that the Taiwanese company is the parent and the China division is only the subsidiary?
it rules out the fact that an iPhone 5 will be released with old software and need to be updated to iOS 6, yes
My grandparents have an 8 track player in the garage that I used to listen to the tapes my father sent back from the Vietnam war and it uses the same RCA connections that my record player used in the 80's and my receivers use today.   Connections aren't "technology" and there are more valid reasons to keep them around especially when there's no technical reason to get rid of them and tons of devices and peripherals by the same company still using them.     In response to...
I really don't like the idea of moving toward that smaller dock connector. I have a number of iPods, peripherals, and car stereo gear that would necessitate carrying around some adapter and/or more than one cable. And that's just my personal stuff. I'll have to carry the darn cable/adapter around whenever I go to someone's house or ride in their vehicle and vice versa...when someone brings their new iPhone to the beach and wants to drop it in my portable stereo it isn't...
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