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You android fans aka noid why are u guys on here can't u find a android insider site including you { jragosta}
the fact that the transit Apps are not intergrated into maps is a negetive for me ....and there is no free MTA bus support app ...i seen one for $2.99 anyone one knows if its any good 
Any word if AT&T will change its throttling policy for the LTE iPhone 5 or keep the same 3GB limits
i used the apple store app on my iphone it worked
apple site is still not up
thats the same thought i have and with their track record i think they will
I wonder if any jury tampering went on .. Just wondering ... Because both sides have a lot to loose
Hear, hear . but i think verizon will adopt this also T-Mobile i have no hope they will get the Iphone 5 the only hope is sprint ( whats next iMessage with share data plans) when are these restrictions going to stop
 samscum will go to any lenghts for the next idea ... im guessing the glass of water is no longer working
yea i think 16:9 is the best choice
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