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 Not sure why you're conflating google's copying with "all companies" (with Apple being an obvious part of this). Particularly in the case of google now; Apple had Voice Control, then Siri, which google even mocked as not a good idea. Then of course, as usual, google copies Apple with google now, throws a bunch of features at it, and then now there are idiots out there are claiming that Apple is copying google now (I'm not referring to you). Apple has had similar features...
Great report! Can't get enough of the Apple Campus 2.
Great! A decent part of my wardrobe comes from Express. I have a t-shirt from there that I still wear regularly that I got a decade ago. Can't wait to pick up a few things with my Apple Watch.   BTW, almost every time I use my watch with Apple Pay I get a great response from the people around me. People are literally shocked. It's like I'm David Copperfield! 
 Looks like your entire argument can be summed up in just one word: "pessimism."
Hallelujah! I love TJs. I ask the cashiers all the time about Apple Pay in the hopes they would eventually accept it. Time to go celebrate with some 2 buck chuck!
 There are not plenty of examples of this in Apple's recent history, so again, I'm not sure what your point is. Also, you did not counter wigby's points well.
 Well you're free to be a doubting Thomas, but Apple's history suggests otherwise. And on top of that there's the points wigby mentioned, that the priorities for the car are going to change, and that Apple is the number one brand in the world.
 Ok, so I guess this is just going to devolve into pointless hair splitting. Apple has been disruptive in every major market it enters due to its ability to innovate, and it's more than likely that this will be the case in the car industry should Apple choose to enter it. In this sense an Apple car would certainly be like the iPhone, but no one is saying people are going to think Apple invented the car, as you say many people think Apple invented the smartphone (although...
The "marketing" argument is certainly one of the most pathetic ways haters rationalize Apple's success. Even though Apple doesn't need it, I really wish they would do more marketing. Despite their success, I don't think Apple gets nearly enough credit! For instance, each component of the Apple Watch is amazing, from the encapsulated SoC, to a heart rate monitor equal to the best dedicated heart rate monitors on the consumer market, sapphire crystal that is thick enough to...
Nice to see the knee jerk political people getting their jabs in already. I'm sure there's more to come. Replacing the ACA with Apple watches is silly, and if that's what he said, I'm sure it was hyperbole. But that doesn't stop people from voicing ridiculous opinions based on their emotions. FWIW, Jeb Bush seems like one of the few popular politicians that aren't on the crazy fringes of their party, and because of this I'm glad he's running.   Back on topic: This is...
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