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Apple is so goddamned clever! According to Gruber, the opposite groove has the legally binding marking of "Assembled in China - Designed by Apple in California." What a great way to hide this otherwise obtrusive statement on such a small device. So does this mean that the Apple Watch can't be packaged with the bands already in place, since they would obstruct the wording? That kind of throws some water on my theory that they will all ship with preinstalled white...
 Haha. Fortunately I had a good enough mother, so I'm not too distressed. But I'll still take a hug.  I'm actually still really enjoying my iPad 3, although the iPad Air 2 has been tempting. There's a surprisingly dramatic difference when I play with the latter at the Apple Store.
I'm sure Apple has been planning for a fall release date for a while. That said, the fact that his rumor came out is undoubtedly good for Apple PR. I'm sure there are many people who would've felt very disappointed if they were hoping to get an iPad this spring based on past rumors. Also, the fact that there's a supposed concrete reason for the "delay" will prevent people from crying about it (as much) because they now feel a sense of control (over their...
Agree on all counts, great points. And of course, should Apple ever feel the urge to make a round Apple Watch, the home screen will be perfect.
 Yeah, same here. But it's fun to play around with some (very) casual lenses for the iPhone. I looked at a few and liked Photojojo the best for the money (only $50 for three lenses). The ring attachment is slightly clumsy with the camera bulge, but I like being able to snap the lenses on and off magnetically.  Very blissful. I'm reminded of my smallness in the universe; yet, any existential angst I feel at being reminded of my relative meaninglessness is immediately...
 Hmm, not sure if cherries would work. If a cherry fell on Isaac Newton's head, he probably would've just eaten it, and we wouldn't know what gravity is! I'm craving pie all of the sudden.  Haha. The cherry trees need a different kind of rain. With the Apple Watch it'll be raining money! I'm sure once you've gotten used to the idea of Apple Watch you'll come around.. and be its biggest fan!
That's absurd.. I have much more evidence to back up my claims then they ever do.
 That'd be great, the more the merrier! I was kind of hoping there would be more people posting pictures to the forum.
Quote: Well, as long as we're engaging in zany theories , here's one of mine: I think that the Apple Watch will be one of Apple's biggest revenue streams, second only to the iPhone, and will reach this level in only a few year's time. My evidence for this bullish stance?: cherry trees. The auditorium for Apple Campus 2 is surrounded by cherry trees, which typically have a peak bloom time at the end of March, beginning of April. I would imagine that Apple would place a lot...
 Yep, thanks!! I enjoy photography a lot. It's a great way to practice creativity, even if one has the drawing skills of a grade-schooler
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