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Fantastic news about the updated Beatport app. iTunes has typically been pretty terrible about EDM (electronic dance music), which is pretty surprising since Jony Ive is reported to be a fan of the genre, and is friends with John Digweed.  I hope Apple does better with EDM for the upcoming Beats and iTunes radio revamps. It would be a dream come true if Apple bought Beatport.
Am I the only one that thinks this might be an informative rumor? There's probably at least some truth to it, as I'm sure there are significant challenges that Apple is facing to build such a high quality product.   But, most importantly, if people are aware that there are real manufacturing challenges, then dolts in the media are less likely to have credibility when trying to spread FUD about Apple creating artificial scarcity.   We've all heard it before, for...
Why don't you cry about it?
 That was good read, thanks for the link. Seems pretty unlikely though that android wear would be compatible with the iPhone, and if it was, I'm guessing the functionality would be pretty limited.
This is clearly an act of desperation now that TH has seen the light. This will be a failure for so many reasons:   1) Won't work with iPhone. People with money and education have iPhones; that's a proven fact.   2) google gear has already established itself as the cheap alternative to Apple, which will take away from TH's high end allure. This is even before Apple Watch is even out! Apple baited google with a juicy watch rumor via bloomberg in 2/2013, and google took...
I'm really looking forward to this movie. For some reason it seems like a genuine effort is being made to accurately convey Steve Jobs, particularly during some of the most poignant snapshots of his life. Of all the candidates that were selected, I think Fassbender has the best, or at least equal, chance of accurately portraying Steve Jobs. Fassbender has a great way of conveying quiet intensity, and I hope he is also able to convey the overt intensity that Steve Jobs was...
 Yes, we covered that.
 That's also true, now we're really getting somewhere.  His wording was not necessarily correct, and was dependent on his personal intention, which was not obvious in his post. He could have been referring to a shill, or a troll, as they would typically behave similarly. While technically he was most likely referring to a shill, my assumption that the reference was of a troll is relatively insignificant, unless one is being pedantic about semantics, which he was (quoting a...
 You're being pedantic. That was not a "wrong answer." A shill can be a troll, and a troll a shill. Also, the definition of "troll" you selected is too narrow. A troll is not just someone that "sows discord," but also is a person whose primary purpose is to push an agenda outside the interests of the forum. And you clearly fit that description.
New Posts  All Forums: