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It looks like that beefy, study wall running parallel with Post St will be the fulcrum for the giant cantilevered second story. I love how Apple continues to push the limits of its architectural designs. Those doors will also be pretty amazing. Can't wait to see it in person!
 Why have your posts been so irrationally negative over the past few months?
Yeah, I remember that one. I've been waiting for it to come to fruition for a long time! Is it even possible though? Anyway, Apple may very well implement this with FaceTime functionality a few years down the line or later, but it doesn't mean that it isn't productive to throw some fire on ignorant rumors/FUD (further, I found this article interesting, and I appreciated the comprehensive take). As soon as a saw the headline for this rumor on 9to5 in my RSS feed I could...
 I think you just discovered the only plausible use for the side 'edge' screen, a poker app (you're welcome samsung). Otherwise, the 'edge' is just a ridiculous distraction that takes away from the experience. samsung is like an overzealous cook that ruins a dish by adding too many ingredients, leaving a bad taste in the mouth.
I hope samsung plays those galaxy edge vs iPhone commercials a million times. They are so incredibly stupid. 
Why all the negativity? Seems pretty great to me.   1) Free. Stop whining.   2) I doubt anyone is putting this much effort and focus on a singular radio station, particularly with the world's top DJs.   3) It will be immediately accessible to nearly all active iOS users on day 1, and then all android users in the Fall. That is not only a HUGE accessible audience, but also a cool opportunity to be connected with people around the globe, sharing the same thing. I don't...
I'm surprised we're not hearing more about this. I thought that it was hilarious.. Can't imagine a more perfect intro. Not only was it funny, but it perfectly conveyed Apple's ethos. I loved the ridiculous egocentrism of Hader interviewing himself, multiple nuances keeping us on our toes (e.g. ping of social app, almost chopping a goat's head off, randomly refusing a piece of licorice), the clever developer oriented rap lyrics.. not to mention Hader's perfectly timed...
 Maybe my reply wasn't very clear. I wasn't offended by your post: 1) I didn't sense that you were being vindictive, and 2) Calling my post ignorant was in fact very accurate. I'm a fan of the truth, even (especially) when I'm wrong. Cheers :)
Well, turns out you're right. That was an ignorant comment. Haha Generally not a fan of your posts, but I do appreciate the correction. 
Hmm, maybe I'm wrong. Admittedly I'm not very familiar with the apps/services you and sir lance are mentioning. Are they similar in the scope of information they can transfer relative to Apple's option? Edit: Just caught your edit. Good one 
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