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Which, in fact, it is never considered in the android marketshare figures. I haven't seen a single iOS user needing more than one phone. Among lower income users, instead, it is very common to have two, even three phones. Most of them androids. So, android per-user marketshare is much lower than the sales quantities.
Sales of BBRY (RIMM) also went up for a couple of years after the iPhone. Look where they are now.
Yes. One here, at least. And quite happy I did. Apple music is fantastic.
It is bold to have such a huge glass plane and sliding doors without any apparent structural stiffeners in a highly seismic location.
if Usain Bolt were asked to beat his records in the way APPL is demanded to grow in ever higher percentages of growth by WS (no matter how big the previous number was), he would be running the 100m at 5.0 seconds now. Well, we will soon discover that Apple is running at some 6.0 seconds, when they get the fact that China, yes, China, is still growing their 4G network at a pace of 10%... per month, and most of that is being captured by iphones. WS will then discover that...
I predict McDonald will loose marketshare by 2019 against all other fast-food brands in the world: all of the chinese, burritos, chicken, tacos, thai, street food carts, etc, combined, will sure open more points of sale than McDonald. Then, why MCD, with their one trick pony Big Mac has a P/E of 21.4? It should be valued like AAPL: 12.1... 45% lower. Oh, wait... MCD has a net cash of -15% of its market cap, while AAPL 25%... something is wrong here, IDC...
he even looks like Lazaridis...
No, it's not the only one, there are a few others. But, yes, that's the root of the problem. People criticizing Apple for minimizing taxes are talking from their wishes and not from reason. Or would anybody (with almost everyone thinking taxes are high), gladly pay taxes not that one costly time, but twice?
Nice numbers, but something doesn't match: Let's say you are right with those 5.2B. Foxconn accounts for assembly costs for Apple. On iphones, these are said to be about 5%. So 5.2B/0.05=104B in iphone value produced by foxcoon per year. Cost of iphones for Apple is about $200: 104,000,000,000 / 200= Does it Foxconn made 520 million iphones last year?   We need more precise figures to conclude the impact of yuan. Anyway, I agree with you that the impact for Apple...
"curation"... the 3B dollar word, already a bit worn, I think.
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