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There is also nothing like walter's blue meth if you are a little down. Best working solution, too.
I wonder what your response will be when the DEA invades your house, and kill your dog, because they track any unfortunate word combination in one of your mails.
All of the sudden, the %uF8FFWatch is turning WS analysts in fashion experts. Who's more stupid? Him, or his clients following his advice for years?
Judging for the amount of upgrades expected by AI for AppleTV, that mythical device should take us directly to the moon at the touch of a button. Or maybe Apple is thinking of that only in Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Colorado.
I guess quality metal/sapphire crystal watches for under $500 don't exist. Not to talk of the smart, beautiful device this one is. The good thing of this is that the ASP of Watch will surely be well over $600. So, use that money to buy some calls now, and you will be able to get it for free by April, May at most.
To be honest, this "Hi quality formats are worthless" discussion is absurd. With that same criteria, the rubbish sold by android vendors would be also "good enough" compared with IOS. That violates the basic principle of why we love and invest in AAPL. IMHO, Apple should buy Meridian (English high-end audio company). They have just disclosed a new compression and recording  format (MQA) that not only allows to stream high quality audio in a less than CD-size format, but...
@knowitall  My equipment isn't that expensive: the DAC/amp is about $300, close to the cheapest you can get. And the headphones cost about $100, $300, and $900 (which, btw, is not that much for somebody that really, really loves music). The differences among those three cans are simply enormous, and bear in mind that the three of them are considered very, very good in their respective price categories. Use one or another, and it is a different space or singer what you...
Pogue must really be deaf not to hear the difference of a good external DAC/amplifier instead of direct audio output of the iphone or mac. Night and day like. I agree that the difference with higher quality sampling rates is subtle, but to say that mp3 files actually sound better than lossless files is just incredible. Try a good chamber music and listen, for example, to plucked strings resounding in the auditorium; try Talk Talk's 'Spirit of Eden' highly dynamic range...
Now there you go againYou say you want your freedomWell who am I to keep you downIt's only right that you should play it the way that you feel itBut listen carefully to the sound of your lonelinessLike a heartbeat, drives you madIn the stillness of rememberingWhat you had, and what you lostwhat you had, and what you lost
New Posts  All Forums: