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"curation"... the 3B dollar word, already a bit worn, I think.
How much did you spend when buying cd's? One cd every three months?I guess this service is for people that love music, and respect the artists.
I agree. I like most of DED articles, but is it neccesary to read the whole story of mankind at each editorial?
AppleTV as the home hub (this will be the big news of WWDC, imho). Then a proprietary system with a sub-hub for their devices. Makes sense this branched architecture. The second (third, fourth..) hub acts as the interface between HomeKit and the things they make. So, they need to certify just the hub, not a lot of other stuff. These thingies can be 'light' in this scheme, with all the protocol complexity managed by that sub-hub.
Why that obsession with margins? I guess margins are also in proportion with the overall price of the goods to be sold. A car would cost orders of magnitude more than anything Apple sells right now (except the gold watch), so a margin lower than the 2X% of macs would be acceptable. That would be the 18% that Porsche is achieving right now. My guess is that Apple could better that significantly.
next Samsung ad: our phones are also bullet-proof!
There is also nothing like walter's blue meth if you are a little down. Best working solution, too.
I wonder what your response will be when the DEA invades your house, and kill your dog, because they track any unfortunate word combination in one of your mails.
All of the sudden, the %uF8FFWatch is turning WS analysts in fashion experts. Who's more stupid? Him, or his clients following his advice for years?
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